Can You Drink at Ocean City Beach?

The idea of going to a beautiful beach, taking a swim and sitting under the Sun for hours, and drinking with your friends, sounds like a great plan for most of us.

With the increasing number of popular beaches around the world and also the increasing number of vacation spots around the world, people are also making weekend or monthly trips.

Amongst this, it is quite common for people to have a relaxing time at the beach and drink with their friends or family while having fun.

In case you are planning to visit Ocean City Beach in Maryland, you might be curious to know whether you can drink alcohol at the beach there.

In this article, we would address this question and also some additional questions about this topic.

Can You Drink Alcohol on Public Beaches?

Whether you can drink at a public beach depends on the local laws and state regulations, but largely you may be restricted to drinking alcohol in some areas.

Most often, even though you may be allowed to drink at public beaches, you may be required to maintain a minimal intake and are strictly not permitted to drink under the influence of alcohol.

While talking about the USA, the laws here vary according to the different regulations of each state. But most prominently in the states like New York or California, you are not allowed to drink alcohol on public beaches.

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There may be, however some assigned places on such beaches where you can go and drink. On the other hand, the state of Texas has no such restriction and you can drink at public beaches.

Is Ocean City a Dry Town?

The Ocean City, located in Maryland is a popular tourist spot among the coastal areas of Eastern states in the USA. Many people often wonder whether this is a dry town.

However, you must know that Ocean City is not a dry town and although it has certain restrictions enforced in some areas regarding the consumption of alcohol, it is generally open to the sale and purchase of liquor.

The sale of liquor depends on the license, which is granted by the local authorities in consultation with the regulatory body at the State and the Federal level.

There may also be some restrictions regarding the opening and closing hours of bars or restaurants serving alcohol.

Thus, you may want to check these before you arrive here and can plan your vacation seamlessly.

Do Ocean City Restaurants Serve Alcohol?

In case you are wondering whether the restaurants in Ocean City would serve alcohol or not, you simply do not need to worry.

You can have a great dining experience here and can avail alcohol at almost any decent-sized restaurant in the area.

Moreover, you would find all varieties of alcohol here, which may depend on the kind of bar or restaurant you are visiting and what is available on their menu.

Although one important thing which you must note is that the restaurants here have to strictly comply with the local rules and laws, which is why you might have to check in advance and enquire about the timings of serving alcohol at these places.

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Can You Drink at Ocean City Beach?

In case you want to drink at Ocean City Beach or any public beach in the surroundings, you may be disappointed to know that it is not permitted.

Generally, Ocean City Beach in Maryland prohibits drinking alcohol in any of the areas open to the public and the public beaches.

Being a popular tourist spot and catering to thousands of tourists every month, the local authorities have to be vigilant for incidents of crime or nuisance.

Thus, for the sake of maintaining public decency and a good environment, keeping in mind the families and children, they have enforced this rule.

Nevertheless, you may be able to drink alcohol at your private premises or in the restaurants and bars that are present in abundance here.

Can You Bring Your Alcohol to Ocean City Beach?

As mentioned earlier, you are not allowed to drink at the public beaches in Ocean City, and can only do so in your private residence or in the hotels or restaurants that serve alcohol.

However, you are also not allowed to bring or carry alcohol with you in these areas, including the Ocean City beach, because consuming your alcohol is prohibited too.

You must not try to circumvent the procedure of law and bring alcohol secretly as it can easily land you in trouble here.

In case you are not a local or national, and are planning a vacation here, you must read about the local laws and regulations before coming here so that you do not end up getting yourself in trouble.

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How to Manage Your Alcohol Cravings?

In case you are confused about how to deal with your alcohol cravings, you must remember that there are several things you can do, and if not, always take therapy or a rehabilitation facility.

Primarily, you should be able to be aware of your triggers and figure them out as soon as they are present. This would help you find out what to do and create a roadmap.

Next, you can either take external help, from your friends and family or simply try to find other things you can do instead of drinking alcohol.

This will help you in keeping yourself busy and not having to face the ill effects of drinking.

Moreover, if nothing works, you can try reaching out to a support group near you or contact a licensed medical practitioner, to guide you regarding changing your drinking habits or giving up on alcohol entirely with time.


Thus, now you know that drinking alcohol at Ocean City Beach in Maryland is strictly prohibited in public areas.

In case you still want to drink, look for bars or drink responsibly at your residence or hotel room. In case you are not comfortable with your drinking habits, try seeking therapy or help for reducing your intake.