Do Resorts Water Down Alcohol?

If you are an alcohol enthusiast and love to drink or know more about alcohol, you might be curious about how alcohol is served in resorts.

Many people who travel a lot or have stayed in resorts, often have a complaint or doubt that the resorts water down their alcohol.

It may not seem like a serious concern for many, but for someone who truly loves and enjoys their drink, it can be a big thing.

Thus, in this article we would discuss if the resorts add water to alcohol and if yes, what could be the possible reasons behind doing so.

How Is Alcohol Prepared?

If you are curious about how alcohol is prepared, then you must first know the basics. At its core, alcohol is made with the help of the process of fermentation.

Primarily, the raw material through which alcohol is to be derived is collected, which can be any fruit or grain. Usually, grapes are used for wines and grains are used for whiskey and beer.

Next, the grain or fruit is crushed and the juice is extracted or malted until they germinate for a long time so that they turn to complex starch.

After the process of fermentation is done, the alcohol is distilled so that it can be separated and preserved.

Once the process of preservation or aging starts, it can take up to several months or years, after which as per the brand or product, they are bottled and put up for sale.

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Do Resorts Water Down Alcohol?

If you are visiting or staying at a reputed and popular resort, you might not experience them adding water to your alcohol, unless you have ordered a drink that needs water to be added.

Furthermore, generally, such resorts serve alcohol of very high grade and quality, which is also quite expensive. Thus, adding water to such drinks is not a general practice.

However, if you have experienced it in some resorts, it might be due to the resort’s approach to saving money or focusing on hydrating and diluting your drink to some extent.

If you do not want your drink to have water, you can simply ask the waiter or the bartender to not add anything else.

It is a personal choice, whether to water down alcohol or not, but it is difficult to comment that resorts usually water down alcohol.

Why Do Bartenders Give Water?

If you have ever been to a bar or a restaurant serving alcohol, you might have noticed that quite commonly bartenders give water along with alcohol.

The most probable reason behind this is that it helps hydrate and ensure that a person is drinking enough water while drinking.

It is well known that if you are well hydrated, the effects of alcohol slow down and do not affect your health severely the next day.

Additionally, another major reason most experienced bartenders give water is to clean your palate so that you can enjoy and taste the next drink.

Is Alcohol at Mexican Resorts Watered Down?

Contrary to popular belief, even though many people think that Mexican resorts add a lot of water to dilute the alcohol they serve, it is not true.

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It cannot be generalized that all Mexican resorts water down their alcohol, however, you would find that some restaurants or resorts there do so.

The kind of drink you want to consume depends on you and if you want to add water to the alcohol, you can simply ask the bartender to do so.

It also depends on the kind of drink you order at the resort, if you do not want any water or ice cubes added to your alcohol, you can simply order it neat or plain.

In case you are still doubtful about the alcohol at Mexican resorts, you should check the menu before placing an order.

Should You Add Water to Alcohol?

If you are wondering whether you should add water to alcohol or not, you must know that it is a personal choice and preference.

Although the ideal way to drink alcohol is to not add water or any mixer, as it helps in bringing out the real taste and aroma of the alcohol.

Nevertheless, if you feel that you want to make your drink a bit more flavourful and diluted, to be enjoyed for a while, you can add water or any mixer to your drink.

Most crucially, the idea of watering down alcohol is to dilute it and make it a bit less severe on your body.

What Are Some of the Best Resorts to Drink Alcohol?

If you are looking to book a resort or plan a vacation, then having a relaxing time must be one of your priorities. Here is a list of the best resorts in the world:

  1. Sandy Lane, Barbados: Located in one of the most favorite tourist attractions in the Caribbean islands, Sandy Lane has been reviewed and known to be one of the best when it comes to the choice of alcohol and also hospitality and service.
  2. Las Ventanas al Paraíso, Los Cabos: Located in Mexico, this resort is popular for its tequila collections and the spirits that are commonly found in the region.
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If you are a fan of tequila and other coastal drinks, you should surely not miss out on this beautiful resort.

  1. The Nai Harn, Phuket: One of the most popular and well-known resorts in Thailand, Nai Harn has quickly become a favorite for many tourists.

Phuket is anyway a popular tourist destination, on top of that, this creative resort offers exceptionally made cocktails and spirits.

You would love the local ingredients that the bartenders use in the drinks.


Thus, in this article, we learned that resorts indeed water down alcohol, but mostly only when you have ordered a drink or cocktail that requires the addition of water.

In case you want to drink only the alcohol, you can easily instruct the waiter or bartender and in most cases, they would comply.

Additionally, it is crucial to remember that you must drink responsibly and not in excess. If you feel you are struggling with alcohol, you must contact a medical professional.