Do Resort Workers Get Paid Well?

The resort industry has been often termed as one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, and it is believed that among the hospitality industry, they are one of the most successful outlets.

However, no doubt resorts thrive in today’s economy that has globalized to most extent, but there are different kinds of resorts and most of them are like any other business.

The value and success of a resort depends on a lot of factors including the area it is in, the kind of amenities that are provided there, and whether it has a recurring revenue model.

In case you are looking for a job in the resorts or similar ventures in the hospitality industry, we would discuss in this article whether resort workers get paid well and how you can find a job as one.

Which Is Better Hotel or Resort?

Before discussing the job opportunities and pay scale in resorts, it is pertinent to discuss whether a hotel or resort is the right choice for you.

When talking about hotels, we all know that they are comparatively smaller in size and are mostly located in famous spots or urban localities and posh areas.

The primary purpose of hotels is to provide convenience and executive service to the customers, and are generally designed for shorter stays and working professionals.

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On the other hand, when we talk about resorts, they are generally large in area and are supposed to be booked for vacation or recreational purposes.

The number of facilities provided in a resort is much more than a hotel and they are designed for longer stays, to ensure that people can have a relaxing time there.

However, to decide which of the two is better, it is crucial to know what you would be comfortable with. Working in a resort, you might have to live a bit far from a town or urban area.

How Does a Resort Business Work?

A resort business works by providing a bouquet of facilities and amenities to the customer that is located in remote locations or nature-friendly places with lush greenery or sea close by.

The idea to locate resorts in such beautiful locations is to ensure that people can be lured into staying for a longer time and rejuvenating, away from the busy life of cities.

A lot of resorts also partner with brands and offer discounted or free holiday packages. Such deals help resorts market their business and generate new leads.

Furthermore, resorts also have a membership system, which is a big help if the resort has numerous other branches across the country as well.

Do Resort Workers Get Paid Well?

There can be no standard wage or pay chart for all the workers in a resort, but it can generally be figured out that the compensation provided to the resort, workers, depends on several factors.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can easily figure out whether a particular resort is good for your job or not.

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Primarily, you must look at the location and the number of benefits, in case a resort has a well-maintained organizational structure and robust management, the workers there must be paid handsomely.

Additionally, it also depends on the expertise and field of work you choose, thus, in resorts, the chefs and managers are usually paid higher than any other class.

Even if your pay is not high at a resort, you may get numerous additional perks like discounted stay, family offers, housing allowance, healthcare insurance, etc.

How Much Do Mexican Resort Workers Get Paid?

It is generally believed that since most famous and expensive resorts are usually found in the North American and surrounding South American region, people from Mexico are often found as a common group of workers there.

Nevertheless, their salary and pay depend on numerous factors as well, especially depending on the position they are working in.

Usually, the minimum wage of these workers ranges from $7-10 per day, but skilled employees can expect more than $500 per month.

The management positions are believed to earn around $1000 – $2000 each month. While this is a rough figure, the estimate is for an average-sized resort in a good location.

How Can You Find a Job as a Resort Worker?

The first thing you can do to find a good job as a resort worker is to know which position you would be fit for and then apply for it.

In case your talents are in cooking or serving food, you can apply for the positions of chef or waiter, while if you are good at cleaning or parking cars, you can apply for the respective jobs.

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Once you have researched and come across good vacancies, you can try to network and reach out to the resort administration for a job.

In case they have a position open for you, they will get in touch and hire you after an interview or test. Just make sure to upskill and be ready for the questions.

What Are Some of the Best Resorts in the World?

Following are some of the most popular and well-reputed resorts in the world:

  1. Amanpuri: Located in the Phuket region of Thailand, you must have at least heard about this popular and loved resort. Thailand is a popular vacation spot and this resort offers you some of the best beaches around.
  2. Singita Kruger: Located in a National Park in South Africa, this resort offers you the perfect private space for relaxing and engaging in safari rides.
  3. Four Seasons: A popular resort located in French Polynesia, this place has beautiful beaches and villas.


Thus, in this article, we discussed how much resort workers earn and in case you are interested in finding a job in a resort, how you can land it.

We also discussed some of the most famous resorts in the world. If you are interested in resorts and their business, you can also acquire an attractive piece of land and run a homestay or villa, which are getting popular these days.