Do Hotels Provide Towels?

As you part for a vacation, which personal items must you pack? Do hotels provide towels, or do you need to carry yours?

That’s an answer you need to ensure that you only pack what’s necessary. That’s especially regarding towels, given their importance throughout your stay.

It is hard to survive without a hotel for your body’s hygiene. On the other hand, towels are quite bulky and occupy a relatively large space.

You also need many towels, especially if you plan to stay away from home for a long time. So, do you have to worry about carrying these bulky items, or will hotels provide them?

Here’s a detailed discussion on whether hotels provide towels. Read on to know whether you should carry them the next time to plan to stay in a hotel.

Will the Hotel Provide Towels?

You will have to bathe at least once a day for hygiene reasons. Sometimes, you may need to bathe several times depending on how tired you get and the places you visit during the day.

Most hotels will offer their guests hand towels and bath towels. Expect at least two of each in most cases.

The hotels are also considerate enough to change these towels at least once every day. So, once the cleaner pops in, that’s one of the things they will handle.

Nevertheless, your hotel may not offer all the towels you need. What do most hotels offer, and which towels should you consider bringing from home?

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Let’s look at them;

Which Towels Will Most Hotels Provide?

Most hotels provide the following hotels;


After washing your face, you can use a washcloth to wipe the water. It is easy to identify a washcloth because of its square shape and small size.

Most hotels will include it in your toiletry set. It also comes rolled up, and that’s not all you can do with this hotel.

Its other purpose is cleaning yourself without rubbing the bar soap directly on your body. That’s an appropriate practice if you are several guests sharing a single hotel room.

Hand Towels

As the name suggests, you need the towels to dry your hands. If a part of your body often gets wet, that’s the hands.

It will be uncomfortable to stay with wet hands, especially if you want to do other things, including using the phone, tablet, or laptop. Fortunately, most hotels offer these vital hotels.

Bath Towels

You need these bath towels to wipe off the water after showering. One can also use it to wrap your head after showering before handling it accordingly and as you dress up.

Most hotels understand the importance of these towels, ensuring they have top-notch quality. After all, no one wants a bath towel that takes forever to wipe off excess moisture.

Equally important, a scratchy towel is enough to ruin your bathing experience. So, expect an amazing showering experience thanks to the high-quality bath towels available in most hotels.

Bath Mats

These towels guarantee an amazing experience after showering in the hotel room’s bathroom. It is middle-sized sized, thus smaller than the bath towels and bigger than the washcloths.

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They aim to ensure a cold floor doesn’t greet you upon stepping out of the shower. That can be uncomfortable, especially if the shower is hot due to the extreme temperature change.

Besides, they ensure you don’t scatter water all over the floor or carpet after getting out of the shower. Why not when it will soak up water from your feet and avoid spreading the drips everywhere?

Which Towels Will Most Hotels Not Provide?

On the other hand, there are towels that not all hotels provide. So, if you need them, it would be advisable to carry one or more depending on your needs.

These towels that most hotels don’t provide include the following;

Swimming Towels

If you love swimming and the hotel you are staying in has a pool, you will need these towels. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a hotel that provides swimming towels.

They also need to be larger than the bath towels, and that’s understandable. The intended purposes differ, especially since you use it outdoors.

You will need a swimming towel to lounge on your beach chair. Once you finish swimming, you will also need it to dry yourself off.

What if you take your bath towel to the pool? That won’t be possible since it is usually against the protocol of almost every hotel.

You can’t take a bath towel outside your hotel room. Since the pools are outside, taking them with you wouldn’t be right.

Bath Sheets

They are a great substitute for bath towels because of their large sizes. Therefore, the bath sheets will let hotel guests wrap them around their bodies in the sarong style.

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However, as mentioned earlier, you may not find them in most hotels. If you don’t, you have no choice but to use the bath towels the hotel offers.


It is no secret that these are luxuries and rare in most hotel rooms. Robes are ideal for relaxation; if you are lucky to find one, enjoy that benefit to the maximum.

Are Towels Free at Hotels?

It depends on the hotel you are staying in. After all, some hotels make towels part of their guests’ packages.

On the other hand, other hotels exclude the towels but will avail them at an extra cost, although it is usually smaller than buying one. So, you can request one or more whenever a need arises.

Nevertheless, regardless of the option, that towel doesn’t belong to you. It is only available for use as long as you stay in the hotel.

Therefore, don’t leave with the towel once your stay in the hotel is over. If you do it, the hotel won’t hesitate to bill your credit card for its replacement.

How Else Can I Get a Towel for My Hotel Room?

What if you assume the hotel will provide towels only for you to be in for a rude shock upon arrival? In other instances, you may forget to pack your towels.

Under such circumstances, what are your options? You can consider buying new ones. You don’t need to buy expensive ones since you may not need them for long.

However, you can consider them as an addition to your towel collection back at home. Choose the option best for you in this case.