What to Do If You Have to Poop at the Beach?

We all love visiting beaches, and in fact, enjoy the time and look forward to planning weekend getaways or vacation plans with our friends or family.

However, it might be a nightmare to find yourself in a situation where you have to poop but there is no toilet or restroom around.

Most people dread such a situation and thus have to research thoroughly before visiting a place or beach.

But, naturally, this can happen to anyone and although you cannot plan for such a situation, you must know about the course of action you can take when you face it.

In this article, we discuss what should you do if you have to poop at the beach.

What Should You Do If there is No Toilet?

In case you are stuck at a place where you cannot find a toilet, you must not worry, there are some important steps which you need to take in such unforeseen situations.

The first would be to look for a restroom or restaurant nearby or ask the locals or people living in the neighborhood if they can help with the directions.

Even if you cannot find a toilet around, you must not forget the laws and regulations of the place you are in, as defecating in public is an offense in many places and attracts some fines.

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Thus, you can either request the people living nearby to let you use their toilet, or quickly get to your home as fast as you can.

Are There Toilets at Ocean Beach?

If you are planning a vacation or a getaway, visiting the beach might be on your list. You must seriously consider planning a trip to a good beach and enjoy your time next to the ocean.

However, you must ensure that the ocean beach where you are planning to visit has all the basic facilities and has good hotels or accommodation facilities nearby.

Most of the well-developed beaches around the world have great options in beach houses, resorts, and hotels and most certainly have many public restrooms as well.

You simply need to research first or ask some of your friends who have been to the beach or read the reviews online. It would help you understand your tour planning well.

What to Do If You Have to Poop at the Beach?

If you have to poop at a beach and are not able to find any toilet nearby, you must try to request the hotel staff or vendors nearby to guide you to a toilet or let you use theirs.

In case even this does not work, you are definitely in an emergency and must try to find a place away from the crowd, where you can do your business.

Try finding a place around some trees or grass, so that you are not in public view and the ideal way is to first dig a hole and defecate in the hole.

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Once you are relieved, you can bury the waste and wash or clean yourself with toilet paper. Make sure to carry soap or medical sanitizer to clean yourself after this.

In such situations, it is ideal to have friends or family around you, who can help arrange these things for you.

What Happens If You Do Not Poop for Too Long?

If you are someone who has faced a situation when you could not poop for too long or are worried about being in such a situation, you must understand the dire consequences.

One of the most common problems people who do not poop for too long face is a pain in the abdominal region and neighboring organs or constipation.

Constipation, although not a serious condition, is an obvious consequence of not relieving yourself for too long and can lead to more serious conditions like hemorrhoids or rectal prolapse.

Apart from these, you might also face issues in your intestines if you do not defecate timely and might have to visit a doctor to get cured.

In any case, if you feel discomfort or continued constipation due to not being able to poop for a long period, you must get diagnosed timely.

What is Aqua Dumping?

Aqua dumping, more commonly known as aquatic dumping, as the name suggests, refers to the throwing or dumping of waste into a water body.

It is undoubtedly, one of the many perils of today’s world, as we continue to find the news that most of the water bodies around the world are getting polluted.

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Although one of the major reasons behind this could be the spread of industrial waste and ship or vessel waste, people visiting beaches and tourists are also responsible.

Many tourists or people who come to beaches leave their waste there and are not concerned with cleaning it. It may also involve people defecating or using the ocean as a toilet.

Why Don’t We Use Ocean Water for Toilets?

You might wonder that since ocean water is anyway not fit for drinking, why don’t we rather use it for our toilets?

However, there is an extremely logical reasoning behind this, which is that the salt content in ocean water is too high, which can seriously damage the water pipelines and faucets in your home.

Additionally, ocean water cannot be used directly and needs to be treated first, which is a costly procedure.

Further, using water with such high salt content can also lead to infections and cause storage problems.


Thus, we learned about the things you can do in case you have to poop at the beach and simply cannot find a toilet or restroom around.

Nevertheless, we strongly advise you to avoid such situations as you may attract some fine or penal action for this, and in case you do, you must explain the situation of emergency and why you had to relieve yourself outside.

Remember to maintain cleanliness at all times and that your actions do not cause nuisance or trouble to people around you.