Best Beach Flip Flops Reviews – Best 10 Picks 2021

The best thing about summer is enjoying vacations on the beach. If you want to make those moments perfect and fun, it is necessary to have all the essentials: beach chairs, beach umbrellas, and comfortable beach flip flops that could be at the top of this list.

While planning a beach trip, a perfect pair of shoes is compulsory. Fil Flops are the best option for this purpose as they are airy, comfortable, and, most of all, make it possible for you to walk on the sand and rough surface with elegance.

You need cozy yet elegant flip flops to walk on the beach without tripping or slipping and adding a stylish throw to your summer look. The best beach flip flops should be lightweight, soft, comfortable, and easy to walking in without hurting your feet.

Quick Answer: Best Flip Flops to Wear on Beach

REEF-Fanning-Flip-FlopREEF Fanning Flip FlopCheck Price
Clarks Breeze Sea Flip-flopClarks Breeze Sea Flip-flopCheck Price
Crocband-Flip-FlopCrocband Flip Flop | Slip On SandalsCheck Price
Teva-Flip-FlopTeva Olowahu Flip-FlopCheck Price
Havaianas-Slim-Flip-Flop-SandalHavaianas Slim Flip Flop SandalCheck Price
Teva Mush Flip-FlopTeva Mush II Flip-FlopCheck Price
Reef-Womens-StargazerReef Women’s Stargazer Flip FlopCheck Price
Crocs-Unisex-Duet-Flip-FlopCrocs Unisex Duet Flip FlopCheck Price
Havaianas-Top-Mens-Flip-FlopsHavaianas Top Flip FlopsCheck Price
Under-Armour-Mens-Atlantic-Dune-T-Flip-FlopUnder Armour Men’s Atlantic Dune T Flip-Flop
Check Price

Top 10 Best Beach Flip Flops 2021

1- REEF Fanning Flip Flop

Quick information:

  • Brand name: REEF
  • Fit: True to size. Order usual size
  • Color: available in 23 different colors
  • Size: available in all sizes, please select from the size chart
REEF Fanning Beach Flip Flop
  • Full arch support: This flip flop is specially designed to provide all the support to the whole foot and the foot arch so you can move freely without getting tired.
  • Shock absorption: EVA foam footbed and a 360-degree heel airbag enclosed in soft polyurethane absorb the weight of the body and absorb shock by conforming to the foot.
  • Nonslippery: The rubber sole of Reef icon Herringbone provides proper traction and strong resistance against the slippery surface to keep you secure.
  • Built-in bottle opener: This flip flop’s unique feature is its thirst-quenching technology(TQT) with a unique bottle opener built-in bottom of the shoes so you can enjoy a refreshing beverage anytime you want.
  • Water-friendly strap: A common problem with the flip flop is the chafing of feet, whether dry or after getting wet. These unique flip flops are made of special material that makes their strap soft and easy on the feet and eliminates the chafing of feet.

Our opinion: Finding a perfect pair of beach flip flops can be exhausting. Reef flip-flops had put an end to your search.
Lighter than air, easy on feet, and cushioning effect to the feet, all these features are available in this one pair of flip flops.

2- Clarks Breeze Sea Flip-flop

Quick information:

  • Brand name: Clarks
  • Colors: available in 21 different colors
  • Size: Available in all sizes
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 4
  • Heel height: 18 inch
Clarks Breeze Sea Flip-flop
  • Nonslippery: The synthetic rubber outsole provides reliable traction or resistance to protect from slipping or sliding on a wet or dry surface.
  • Lightweight: These unique flip flops are so lightweight to make your movement easier to make you feel like you are flying in the air.
  • Soft footbed: Eva footbed cushions the foot and provides proper support so you can walk with ease without getting tired.
  • Fabric thong: The inner layer of straps has a lining of soft fabric to protect your feet from chafing or blisters so you can move without discomfort.
  • Beautiful design: Comfort with style never hurts. These beautiful flip flops are designed to raise the standard of your personality and style to the next level.

Our opinion: Beach trip involves a lot of walking, jumping, and fun. To enjoy those moments, fit comfortable flip flops are necessary.
These stylish, lightweight flip flops are the ones that can make it possible for you to have the most fun without getting tired.

3- Crocband Flip Flop | Slip On Sandals | Shower Shoes

Quick information:

  • Brand name: Crocs
  • Color: Available in 19 beautiful colors
  • Fit: True to size. Order usual size
  • Size: Available in all sizes. Please see the size chart
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 7.75 x 4.75 inches
Crocband Beach Flip Flop
  • Lightweight: These flip flops are made of crostile foam that offers iconic comfort and makes it lightweight to move comfortably and efficiently.
  • Strong traction: Synthetic rubber outsole offers proper resistance avoiding any hazard or danger of slipping or sliding on a wet surface.
  • Comfort and quality: These flip flops are 100% man-made. The upper sole has a massage-pod footbed that improves blood circulation and gives a refreshing effect to the feet.
  • Water-friendly: These beach flip-flops are water-friendly and comfortable to wear on beaches while surfing. The straps offer proper fit and grip to fit perfectly and avoid feet sliding.
  • Stylish look: These beautifully designed flip flops are not just comfortable but also statement pieces to add a new level of elegance to your wardrobe and personality.

Our opinion: These high quality lightweight flip flops offer proper support and full comfort to feet.
So you can enjoy your trip with great ease and comfort.

4- Teva Olowahu Beach Flip Flop

Quick information:

  • Brand name: Teva
  • Fit: True to size. Order usual size
  • Size: Available in all sizes
  • Color: Available in 30 different colors
Teva Olowahu Beach Flip Flop
  • Beautiful design: Decorative thong straps and two cross straps give it the stylish yet classy look and also secures the feet better and eliminates any possibility of sliding off the foot.
  • Contoured footbed: The contoured mush footbed conforms to the foot’s arch and avoids any element of fatigue and distress of the foot due to pressure or burden.
  • Strong traction: The EVA outsole with a Mush traction pattern provides excellent resistance with the ground, thus removing the chances of any sliding or slipping on both wet and dry surfaces. It also makes walking easier on the sand.
  • Lightweight: These flip flops are lightweight and easy to walk in. These flip flops make walking, jumping, and running smooth.

Our opinion: You cannot walk with ease and relax in regular shoes on the beach. Flip flops make it possible for you. These are the perfect pair of shoes during summer as they are airy and make your beach time perfect and make it easy to move on the sand and dry fast if they get wet.

5- Havaianas Slim Flip Flop Sandal

Quick information:

  • Brand name: Havaianas
  • Size: Available in all sizes
  • Color: Available in almost 50 colors
  • Fit: True to size/Order usual size
Havaianas Slim Flip Flop Sandal
  • Slip-resistance: The signature rice-pattern sole of Havaianas sandals offers an excellent grip to the floor and resistance to eliminate any possibility of slipping and sliding. It also makes walking on the sand comfortable without getting sunk into the sand.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: The secret rubber recipe of Havaianas sandals makes it light like a cloud. It feels like floating like clouds while walking in those beach flip-flops.
  • Stylish: The beautiful, fun colors and design make it versatile. Apart from the beach, you can pair those flip flops with a casual dress for events like a get-together with friends or other summer plans.
  • Shock absorption: This flip flop has a 1-inch thick platform with a shock-absorbing midsole and a rubber outsole that makes walking, running, jumping easy and smooth by absorbing thrusts and distributing weight equally.

Our opinion: Excellent material, beautiful colors, versatility, and proper support are the features of good flip-flops. The Havaianas flip flops are the perfect flip flops with all those and new qualities.

6- Teva Mush II Flip-Flop

Quick information:

  • Brand name: Teva
  • Fit: True to size. Order usual size
  • Size: Available in all sizes
  • Color: Brick Black
Teva Mush Flip-Flop
  • Strong traction: The outsole made of synthetic rubber provides strong traction and excellent resistance to both dry and wet ground to avoid slipping or sliding.
  • Arch contouring: Dual-density EVA midsole conforms to the arch of the foot and gives it proper support while walking running or jumping so you can have a great time without getting stressed or tired.
  • Shock absorption: These beach flip flops have three-layered soles. The upper layer of the sole is of 100% canvas and cotton webbing, dual-density EVA midsole, and outsole of synthetic rubber that shifts the weight precisely and smoothly to avoid sudden jerk or thrust.
  • No chaffing: The patterned textile thongs are made of comfortable fabric to avoid chaffing, blisters, or skin irritation.

Our opinion: These flip flops are ideal for making your beach time or life more fun as they are super comfy, fit nice, and are made of high-quality material. These are perfectly designed to make your walking time more comfortable and make it possible for you to fully enjoy your trip.

7- Reef Women’s Stargazer Flip Flop

Quick information:

  • Brand name: Reef
  • Fit: True to size. Order usual size
  • Color: Black, Pastel Pink, Gray, Brown
  • Size: Available in all sizes
Reef Women's Stargazer
  • Comfortable: The sole of these flip flops is made of synthetic rubber that conforms to the foot and gives it anatomical support. They shift the weight smoothly, yet providing comfort to the feet.
  • Water-friendly: These flip flops are PVC-free. So can go from deck to waves freely and enjoy refreshing splashes of water.
  • Good resistance: The outsole of the flip flops has a classic Reef sandals pattern that offers proper traction and resistance between flip flops and ground. It also keeps the shoes from getting sunk in the sand and making the movement easier.
  • Fun straps: Along with its high-quality material, the best feature of these flip flops is its glittery straps to add a little sparkle of moonlight to your feet so that you can enjoy the beauty of your feet along with comfort.

Our opinion: With great support, quality, and water-friendly material, exceptional comfort, and fun sparkling straps, these flip flops are the best and perfect option to make your summer and beach trips more fun and epic.

8- Crocs Unisex Duet Flip Flop

Quick information:

  • Brand name: Crocs
  • Fit: True to size. Order the usual size.
  • Color: Black/Smoke, Espresso/Walnut, Blue Jean/Pool, Light Gray/Pink candy, Navy/Cerulean Blue
  • Size: Available in all sizes
Crocs Unisex Duet Flip Flop for beach
  • Dual comfort: The croslite foam footbed on top of a ctoslite foam outsole gives additional comfort to the foot by conforming and providing support to the arch of the foot and extra cushioning to the foot.
  • Unisex: These unisex flip flops are designed in a way to adjust to the feet of both men and women. The universal design is perfect for all genders, so you don’t need to compromise on quality for style.
  • Massage-pod footbed: Soft Massage-pod footbed soothes the feet by enhancing and regulating blood circulation to eliminate any signs of tiredness during your walk.
  • Lightweight: These lightweight flip flops make your summer tireless and relaxing. Now you can move, jump, and enjoy freely without feeling any burden on your feet.

Our opinion: Finding a perfect pair of shoes is a struggle. These crocs unisex flip flops have every quality in them you can ask for. From comfort to design, these are perfect from every angle.

9- Havaianas Top Flip Flops

Quick information:

  • Brand name: Havaianas
  • Fit: True to size. Order usual size
  • Color: Available in 16 different colors
  • Sizes: Available in all sizes
Havaianas Top Men's Flip Flops
  • Soft and comfortable: These flip flops are made from a secret signature Havaianas rubber recipe, which makes them soft like marshmallows and lightweight to give added comfort and relaxation.
  • Slip resistance: Textured rice pattern on the outsole offers extra resistance to avoid any slipping and sliding. It also keeps the feet from sinking into the sand while walking on a beach.
  • Arch support: The cushioned footbed conforms to the foot’s arch to offer proper support, so you can have a pleasant, fun walking experience without feeling like putting extra stress on your feet or tired.
  • Fun colors and design: The fun colors and designs are easy to pull out by everyone. These flip flops are versatile enough to be paired with boardshorts or even for dressing up for a casual evening.

Our opinion: These fun flip flops are not just a trendsetter but also comfortable enough to make your time more amazing and relaxed. The high-quality material ensures its durability, which makes it worth buying.

10- Under Armour Men’s Atlantic Dune T Flip-Flop

Quick information:

  • Brand name: Under Armour
  • Fit: True to size. Order usual size
  • Color: Available in seven beautiful colors
  • Size: Available in all sizes
Under Armour Men's Atlantic Dune T Flip-Flop
  • Ultra cushioned footbed: The ultra-cushioned footbed conforms and supports the foot correctly to keep to comfortable and active from the beach to the streets.
  • Fast-drying TPU straps: Fast-drying TPU straps avoid chafing of feet and give additional comfort. It also keeps the straps cold in sweltering heat to keep your feet from burning from hot rubber.
  • Slide resistance: The rubber sole of these flip flops gives excellent grip and resistance between shoes and ground to walk with ease on both wet and dry surfaces. It also makes walking easy on the beach.
  • Fun colors: These beautifully designed flip flops with fun colors add an extra touch of style to your look, whether in a bathing suit or dressing up for a casual night with friends. These flip flops are perfect to upgrade any outfit.

Our opinion: These comfortable flip flops are like a treat for summer. They are cozy enough to make your walking time active and tireless, whether on the beach or in the street. The high-quality material is durable enough to last you for seasons.

Guide To Buying A Perfect Pair Of Beach Flip Flops

If you need the best comfortable flip flops which doesn’t chafe or hurt your feet while having fun on the beach, you should keep in mind the following things.


No one wants to ruin their day by slipping over wet surfaces. Therefore, strong traction is compulsory to avoid this unfortunate situation. A high-quality rubber sole will provide excellent traction on wet or rocky surfaces.

Arch support:

It is necessary to walk in the ease that the flip flop provides proper arch support, so your feet don’t get sore or tender. An EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate constructed footbed will offer that soft conforming surface to provide adequate support for the foot.


Thicker the straps, the more comfortable they are. Thinner straps are more likely to cause blistering and foot chaffing as compared to thicker straps. It would be good if the straps have some fabric lining on the inner side.


The flip flops must be of the perfect fit; otherwise, they will slide off your foot while walking or cause chaffing and give blisters.


A pair of flip flops are good options as compared to regular shoes for the beach. It will take a lot of effort to clean the sand from your shoes, car, and house after coming back from the beach.

Apart from the comfort of the foot and the convenience of cleaning, these are also great to give you a fun, casual, breezy, perfect look for the summer.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about beach flip flops

How can I take care of my flip flops?

Flip flops don’t need a lot of care, all you have to do is use gentle soap and a wet cloth, and they will be good as new.

How much should a thick sole be?

The minimum thickness of the sole should be 1 inch for protection and comfort.

Can I use orthotics a flip flops?

Yes, you can use orthotics on flip flops if they are deep enough to hold the orthotics. Otherwise, you can buy flip-flops with built-in orthotics to avoid the hassle.

Does the fitting of flip flops get loose?

If the straps are of leather material, there are chances it will get loose a bit after some time. If the straps are of synthetic material, they will remain the same.

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