Why Do Some Resort Food Taste So Bad?

We all love eating out and also love going on vacations and planning trips. An essential part of the vacation especially when the Sun is out is going to a beach.

With more beaches being developed and systemized around the world, it is obvious that it may also be on your list this summer.

In case you are planning to go to a beach, you must also be checking out the resorts nearby for a stay or lunch.

Since many people are often doubtful about the food quality at resorts, let us find out in this article why the food at resorts is so bad and how you can find yourself a good resort.

Why Is Resort Food So Bad?

In case you have had a bad experience at a restaurant or resort, you must be wondering why is the resort food so bad.

Although there can be several reasons behind this, some of the most common ones include an abundance of frozen foods in their kitchen.
Indeed, since the resorts do not have access to farm fresh or organic fruits, vegetables, or meat, most of their cuisine or menu is based on coastal food or frozen food.

This can be a large reason behind you finding the taste awful, since usually at the restaurants in a city, you are served fresh food or recently obtained dairy or meat.

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Another major reason for the bad taste in resorts is usually due to the lack of trained and experienced chefs.

Since cooking at a resort requires the chefs to stay in the nearby areas, most of the well-trained or expert cooks prefer moving to towns or cities. Nevertheless, it is not true in all cases and you can easily find resorts that serve delicious food.

Why Do Expensive Resorts Give Less Food?

There is no generalized answer to this question since many high-rated restaurants offer a considerable amount of quantity in their meals and dishes.

However, if you have noticed that the resorts you visit have given less food to you, it may be because of the difference in standard portion size in the area.

It is obvious that portion size varies in each country or locality and you may end up getting less or more food depending on it.

Moreover, at many executive dining areas, the restaurant does not want much food to go to waste and often charges high prices for their meals while giving a fixed quantity so that if a need arises, the customers can simply place an order again and the food does not go to waste.

Is It Rude to Not Eat All Your Food at a Resort?

It depends on the country you are visiting since every place has its own culture and traditions. In many places, it may not be considered rude while in many it may be considered extremely rude.

Nevertheless, in case you are not able to finish your food, you must simply not risk your health by forcing yourself to eat it as it may lead to food poisoning or acid reflux.

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Additionally, depending on the place you are visiting, you might want to research and see whether it is considered bad or good.

You must always try to seek the help of the waiter and explain if you are not able to finish your food so that they do not consider it rude and can pack the food for a takeaway so that you can finish it later.

How to Find a Good Resort?

In case you are planning a trip or vacation and want to figure out a great resort in the area, you must first figure out the location or destination and then set your budget well.

Once you have finalized your budget, then you need to ask if any of your friends or acquaintances have been there, if yes, you can ask them for a review of the place.

You can also look up online and check some trusted websites for reviews of a place and figure out what are some good resorts in the area.

Another thing you can do in case you have some time is to watch vlogs or travel videos on YouTube of the place you are interested in visiting.

Many bloggers these days put out content and help others in knowing what are the good places in the area.

Thus, check for the menu, read reviews, and get to know about the experience of people who have been to the resort before finalizing it.

Is an All-Inclusive Resort Worth It?

In case you are wondering if an all-inclusive resort is worth it, you must figure out and compare the kind of package they are offering with the other resorts in the area.

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If the budget along with amenities and food is better than the other resorts, you can say that it is worth it.

What Are Some of the Best Resorts in the World?

Although the list of best resorts in the world may differ based on the cuisine and kind of dining experience you are looking for, here are some of the best resorts in the world:

  1. Amangiri, United States of America
  2. Soneva Fushi, Maldives
  3. Six Senses, Thailand
  4. Belmond Hotel Caruso, Italy
  5. Laucala Resort, Fiji

Since this is not an exhaustive list, you may be able to come across many such high-rated and well-reputed resorts through your research.

Make sure to fix a plan and figure out where you want to go and then plan for the resort you would like to dine at and the places you would want to visit in the area.


Thus, in this article, we learned of the many reasons why the food at some resorts can turn out to be the worst that you have ever had.

There are several reasons behind it, including the lack of availability of fresh ingredients and food and catering to a large number of customers in a short time.

However, whenever you are going to opt for a resort in your next vacation, make sure to research in advance and check the menu or reviews before booking.