Can You Decline Resort Fees in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in the world. Every year, millions of tourists come here from North America to other continents to have fun and enjoy.

One of the many things that are unique about Las Vegas is its easing laws and regulations, casinos, luxury life, and resorts.

Many people often go to Las Vegas to try their luck out in the casinos or enjoy with their friends and party in the clubs and bars that are open in the city.

However, many people go to Las Vegas to enjoy and spend a vacation. They book resorts and take a few days off from work or spend the weekend there.

When you book a resort or stay at one, many people often have doubts about whether they can decline the resort fees or not.

In this article, we would discuss whether you can do so, and would also understand more about resorts in Las Vegas.

What Is a Resort Fee?

Also commonly known as an amenity fee, a resort fee is enforced by hotels and resorts to include the services or amenities that a guest avails of during their stay.

Although it varies from each resort, usually the resort fee is a tenth or up to thirty percent of the tariff they have charged while booking the room.

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You may be able to avail of numerous facilities including internet, spa, fitness center, newspaper, parking, pool, etc. with your resort fee.

Since their inception, they have given rise to a steady debate that revolves around whether resort fees should be allowed or not.
However, if you are not comfortable with paying this additional charge, you may look it up while making the booking for your hotel so that you do not have to pay an unexpected charge.

Why Does Las Vegas Have Resort Fees?

If you have been to any resort in Las Vegas, you must have come across the procedure for paying an additional resort fee therein while checking in or during your stay.

This fee is nothing but an extra charge that is allotted to cover any additional services you might be availing of while you stay at the resort.
Not just resorts, charging this extra fee has become usual in many other hotel chains and accommodation facilities.

Las Vegas, being a tourist-friendly city and a popular destination for people all over the world, has to charge this extra resort fee for transparency and profitability.

The usual charge for your stay including other pay may not be enough for a resort and knowing that they serve high-end customers, it has become common.

Can You Decline Resort Fees in Las Vegas?

In case you do not want to pay the resort, fee and are thinking if you may be able to decline it in Las Vegas, then you must note that in most resorts, you might not be allowed to do so.

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It is now considered a default fee which is usually added during the time of checking in or making the booking.

Additionally, while you may be able to negotiate and decline the resort fee in some rare resorts, in most cases, your booking would be canceled or you would be charged extra for the individual services you availed.

You must understand that while staying at a resort, it is natural to avail some facilities, thus, it is also usual for the resorts to charge you a fee for the same.

How Can You Get Your Resort Fees Waived in Las Vegas?

The first step you should ensure before you go out to try and waive your resort fee in Las Vegas is to research. Researching and finding out hotels or resorts that do not charge any fee is a good idea.

Moreover, you can purchase a membership at a resort, if they provide you the offer to do so. Having a membership is often helpful in availing of a discount or not paying the resort fees.

You can also call the manager or reception of your resort and try to negotiate and figure out a deal with them to not pay your fee but understand that in most cases your fee would not be waived.

Does the 20 Dollar Trick Still Work in Las Vegas?

The popular 20-dollar trick has been used by many tourists who go to Las Vegas for several decades now. The trick simply refers to paying extra 20 dollars to avail of a better facility.

Often, in earlier times, resorts used to take it as a tip and either upgrade the room of the guest or avail them of additional service.

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However, with time and inflation, most resorts in Las Vegas are beginning to curb such practices and include more transparency and equity in their services.

Thus, it is more common to find resort fees included in your per-day charge for the room, and thus, the 20-dollar trick may not work in most resorts these days.

Do Resort Fees Get Returned?

When you pay a resort fee, it is usually informed to you beforehand that it would not be refundable and that it is a one-time payment fee that is needed to be paid in full at booking.

However, if in some exceptional cases, you can find a hotel or resort that promises to refund the resort fees after your stay or after certain conditions, in that case, you may be able to avail of the refund.

However, it is crucial to read the terms and conditions and policies of the resort earlier and not be disappointed later if you do not get the resort fees back.


Thus, in this article, we saw and understood the concept of resort fees, why it is charged, and if you can decline to pay the resort fee in the first place.

Thus, it is obvious now that the resort fees cannot be declined in most cases and you would be required to pay it to avail the room in your resort.

Unless your resort has other policies and conditions, you must pay your resort fee timely.