Best Skimboards Reviews

Skimboards are used for surfing on the water. This is a very popular outdoor recreational activity, and whoever goes to the beach opts for skimboarding.

Skimboarding has also added into sports, and now there are a lot of professional skimboarders who compete for titles and winning. If you want to be a good skimboarder, then the most crucial factor is your best skimboard.

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Skimboard is basically of 2 types:

  • Wave skimboard: Waveline is used by most professional ones and is used by those who compete for sports, and they are mostly sold at the sports store.
  • Flatline skimboard: Whereas the flatlined ones are used by the normal, and they are always available at the local’s store.

Here are the Top 10 best skimboards that you can buy.

Top 10 Best Skimboards for the Beach- Choose the Best One for You

1- Lucky Bums Wood Beach Skimboards

Lucky Bums Beach Skimboards

Primary Data:

  • Brand: Lucky Bums
  • Model: Wood Skimboard
  • Material: Plywood
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Dimension: 30×18×0.2 Inches


Lucky Bum is a brand that has been in this field for quite a while. They have been introducing skimboards for quite a while now.

This board is a traditional shape, especially the noise, which reduces the number of falls while riding it. It has a rounded tail, and the combination of the plywood and high gloss makes it more rigid makes riding real easy.

The wood lamination on it makes it sturdy and durable, and you do not have to worry about the sharp objects in the sand or water. Also, it helps you glide across the water smoothly and efficiently.


This Woodie Board comes in different sizes and has a laminated deck and is wide enough to let the rider hop on it quickly. The sizes that it is available are 30, 35, 40 Inch.

Perfect For: beginners or big guys

It is accurate for those who are learning to surf or are bigger. The experts can also use it as its shape makes it suitable for both. It is excellent for the flatlands as you can even skim on the sand easily with this.

Our Opinion: This skimboard ensures safety and reliability at a cheap price. It has a high performance and best qualities with good shape.
It is also best for new learners and can be the right choice for your kids.

2- Sunspecs Rubber Top Wooden Beach Skimboard

Sunspecs Beach Skimboard

Primary Data:

  • Brand: Sunspecs
  • Model: Rubber Top Wooden Skimboard
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 4.2 POunds
  • Dimension: 30 inches, 36 inches, 41 inches


The design of this one is colorful, with a color combo of green with intricate black designs. Also, it has high-quality construction and is made of a solid wood board.

The rubber coating on the board provides a good grip and traction, so you do not need to wax the board. In other words, this board is waxing-free. Also, it is available in different sizes and colors to have the shape and type you want.

Size of the Rider:

You can choose the board according to the size and weight. It is available in different sizes, so you do not have to worry about which one is best for you.

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Thirty inches for a rider up to 120 pounds, 36 inches for a rider about 120 to 160 pounds, 41 inches for the rider weighing about 220 pounds. So choose according to your size and enjoy your surfing or skimming.

Our Opinion: If you are someone who loves color, then this is the one for you. Because this available in different colors and also sizes.
The rubber coating provides it enough traction that you can comfortably ride it, Perfect for the new learners.

3- BPS Shaka Beach Skimboard with colored EVA Grip Pad

BPS Shaka Beach Skimboard

Primary Data:

  • Brand: BPS
  • Model: Shaka Skimboard
  • Material: Plywood
  • Dimension: 30 inches, 35 inches, 40 inches


It has some of the best features that make it a high quality and best in performance. It has a nose rocker for more maneuverability that makes it easy for you to turn swiftly.

Also, it is made of enduring plywood with a high gloss coating that protects the wood from scratching and sharp objects.

A perfect option for beginners and experts. You can also use it in your competitions as it has all the right properties that are needed for winning a championship. It is also available in different color options like blue, green, and red.


This one can also be selected according to your weight. They have slightly different weight requirements than the previous ones.

Thirty inches for the rider up to 80 lbs, 35 inches for the rider above 80-150 pounds, 40 inches above the 150 weight.

Built-in traction pad:

This one has built-in traction pads as it features the dot patterned grip layer of the EVA foam so that it provides you enough traction that you do not have to worry about falling. Also, it does not need waxing, but if you want, you can wax it.

Our Opinion: Next time compete with confidence with this high gripping and durable, lightweight board as it has all the properties of making you a winner.
So whether you are an expert or a learner surfing was never this easy.

4- Fedmax Beach Skimboard with High Gloss Coat Review

Fedmax Beach Skimboard

Primary Data:

  • Brand: Fedmax
  • Model: Skimboard with High Gloss Coat
  • Material: Poplar wood
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds


This is the Fedmaxs high-quality Skimboard engineered perfectly to achieve the best glide on the beach and give you a lifetime experience.

Each board is made in such a way that it is curved slightly around the nose so that it provides you more extended sessions and allows you to surf longer times.

These skimboards are made up of high-quality poplar wood that provides them good resilience and is incredibly lightweight for easy to handle.

Glass Coat:

It has a high gloss coat over it that keeps it maintained and prevents it from scratching. Also, it protects the board from hard or rough objects so that it is not damaged while surfing or skimming.

The glass coat also has surf wax on it that gives your foot a good grip and does not let you slip.

Perfect For:

This board is for everyone. Anyone can use this board to learn, compete, or perfect their moves. It is stable, easily maneuverable, and is made of lightweight poplar wood that makes it easy to glide around a sandy beach.

Our Opinion: The Fedmax Skimboard is a high maintenance low priced board that lets you do all the things you want without any difficulty handling it.
So whether it is practicing or surfing, you can do it all with ease.

5- Fedmax Beach Skimboard with Carbon Fiber tips

Fedmax Skimboard with Carbon Fiber Tips

Primary Data:

  • Brand: Fedmax
  • Model: Skimboard with Carbon Fiber tips
  • Material: Fiberglass body
  • Weight: 9.6 Pounds
  • Dimension: 2.28 height

Traction pads:

This board comes with a set of traction pads with every purchase. The traction pads are 3 in number. These traction pads are made of high-quality and durable EVA foam and last at 3M glue. Also included is the simple instruction manual.

Carbon Fiber:

These are the hybrid boards that are the lightest weight on the market as they are constructed of high-quality carbon fibers and have a fiberglass body that gives them firmness and sturdiness.

It also has a carbon fiber reinforced tail/nose and makes it easier and enjoyable for you to learn surfing.

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Perfect For:

This one is better for beginners and intermediates who have some know-how of the surfing board.

Professionals can also use it but not much recommended, but they can use it to perfect their moves. Thanks to its design and light weightiness, it is easy to maneuverable and gliding across the beach is easy.

Our Opinion: These Fedmax skimboards are designed to give out the best rides of your life.
If you want to choose something for your kids, you can go for this one as it will be easy for them to hold and ride it.

6- BeachMall Deluxe Woos Beach Skimboard

BeachMall Deluxe Woos Beach Skimboard

Primary Data:

  • Brand: BeachMall
  • Model: Deluxe Woos Skimboard
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs
  • Dimension: 7.3×18.8×30 Inches


This Skimboard has a 30-inch solid wood core and is made up of high-quality wood instead of the others on the market that are just laminated by it.

It has layered over it EVA traction pads for high performance and to give high resilience and the best grip.

Its top surface is a diamond-shaped grove so that it could provide excellent traction. Also, it has a hard protective resin coated top and bottom.

Rider Size:

This one has been specifically mentioned to be used by the riders that are under 80 lbs, so the riders of more than 80 lbs cannot use it.

Our Opinion: The BeachMall Deluxe Skimboard is a perfect choice for parents as it can easily handle the weight under 80 lbs and is lightweight. It also provides excellent traction, so no worries about your child falling off.

7- Slapfish Beach Skimboard Fiberglass and Carbon-Riders Up

Slapfish Beach Skimboard

Primary Data:

  • Brand: Slapfish
  • Model: Skimboard Fiberglass and Carbon-Riders up
  • Material: Fiberglass body
  • Weight: 3-4 lbs
  • Dimension: 5.2 Height


This one has a polished deck with an ultra bottom glide. Also, ut is perfect for long rides and fast motions. It has the right amount of rocker that does not let you stuck in the lip wave but also slows down.

The Slapfish skimboard is a fully closed-cell and has a fully seated EVA grip secured with a 3M grip glue. The board weight is about 3-4 lbs and can support a weight of about 200 pounds. Also, it is available in different color options: red, grey, green, and blue.


This Slapfish skimboard is exceptionally handcrafted with precision and has carbon-reinforced tails and noses. Double reinforced on the rails, and the poly PVC fam core is lightweight dense, and waterproof.

Also, it does not fracture easily and can withstand more massive impacts easily. Do not have to fear the wearing of the lamination or separation or splitting. 


It is a perfect tool for all whether you are a beginner or an expert. A more suitable choice for professionals. Floaty enough to support large weighted riders. Also, perform in all types of water conditions.

Our Opinion: Next time go with style and color with this Slapfish Skimboard.
Armed with all the best features and high-quality performance, this one will make your time worth remembering.

8- Liquid Shredder Wood EVA Deck Beach Skimboard

Liquid Shredder Beach Skimboard

Primary Data:

  • Brand: Liquid Shredder
  • Model: EVA Deck Skimboard
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs
  • Dimension: 35×20×5 Inches


It is constructed with hard fir wood and has a resilient deck with an hourglass finish. This has a liquid shredder that gives it sturdiness and increases its durability.

It also protects the board from the damages and hard rocks it encounters while surfing. It is layered with a traction pad the gives it good gripping and contains wax, so you do not need to wax it.


This Skimboard by the liquid shredder has diamond-shaped grooves in the traction pad that aids in a more comfortable grip.

It also has a resin coat on the top and bottoms that give it an excellent shiny finish and helps smooth gliding in water and gives you a perfect ride.

Perfect For:

This one is for people ranging from beginners to intermediates ones. So if you are someone who is going to learn surfing for the first time or purchasing it for practicing, this one could be your ideal choice.

Our Opinion: Constructed with high-quality fir wood and having anti-slipping properties, this board could provide you with good practicing times and make it easy for you to learn surfing as it is effortless to handle even if you are first holding it.

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9- Edge Skimboard by Wave Zone Beach Skimboard

Wave Zone Beach Skimboard

Primary Data:

  • Brand: Wave Zone
  • Model: Edge Skimboard
  • Material: Fiberglass body
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Dimension: 42×18.5×0.5 Inches


Every edge of this Skimboard is handmade with graphics and aesthetics that make it colorful and unique. All the materials used in construction are high-quality materials that shine through its view.

This Skimboard provides you with higher buoyancy and also is lightweight. It can withstand higher weights of up to 130 pounds. You can also get your desired design by describing it on their website, and they will deliver you your desired board.


It is made up of all high-quality stuff. It has a durable foam core tough fiberglass shell with a smooth gel coat. High density 2 PVC foam core and also has double-wrapped poly rails.

Our Opinion: With its impressable features, it is going to impress everyone.
Can be used by anyone elder, younger teens, beginners, or pros. And also let you design your board with the patterns you want.

10- ZAP Wedge Large Beach Skimboard

Primary Data:

  • Brand: ZAP
  • Model: Wedge Large Skimboard
  • Skill level: For beginners
  • Weight: 5.2 Pounds
  • Size: 49×19.5×5.8 Inches

Blue Assorted:

The Zap skimboards sin an assorted blue design, which means that it is mainly blue, but the stripes shade could be different. The graphic may also differ from the oic you may have seen on the site.


The board is made up of high-rated materials that guarantee maximum performance and less risk of breaking the board.

The board is made up of the ZAP patent composite construction, which helps make it durable and gives it the right firmness. Has a good piercing tail with a high curvy tail.

This wedge skim board comes in different sizes, but if you are a beginner, then the large-sized one is a perfect one for you. But you can choose your ideal size on the level of skills you have.

Our Opinion: Skim boarders hear a bell when they hear the name Zap skimboard as they have been acing the industry with their skimboards.
With good quality material and high performance, this board can be your next buddy to take to the beach.

Guide For Buying and Choose Best Skimboards


Every board company uses different materials to construct its boards. Some use wood of various types, and some use fiberglass, and some use foam to make the cores. It is up to you and your skill levels that tell which kind of board material suits you.


Skimboard size also matters while skimboarding, whether you are a professional or a beginner. Long and wide skimboards are perfect, then the short and narrow ones as the previous ones provide a large surface area and can also bear extensive weights.

Wrap Material:

You should go for a board that has a good wrap material that will absorb the water quickly. Some of the elements that absorb the water quickly;y are E-Glass, Texilium, and carbon. They vary in their resilience but are sound absorbers.


Price also matters as the expensive ones are more good in quality, and lower prices may be reasonable but lack some properties.

Wood ones are kind of low priced and can be used by anyone, whereas the fiberglass and carbon fibers one is good quality and high in performance but are on a little pricier side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wax my Skimboard?

Yes, A lot of professional advice waxing your skimboards, especially for beginners. Just wax the areas that you are going to step on.

What is the best Skimboard shape?

The best shape you could find out by the amount of your force your body produces on the board and the speed it attains. This will help you find out, which one is the best one.

How to take care of the Skimboard?

You should rinse it thoroughly after use so that any debris present is removed. Ans after that dry it thoroughly.

What size is perfect for a nine-year-old kid?

You should buy the medium-sized ones as they would be perfect for such an age.