Can You Live in a Beach Hut?

Many people dream of a luxurious life and work hard towards it, many of us take several vacations from our hectic work life to find balance and peace in nature and near the sea.

One of the most preferred destinations for vacations or short trips is indeed the beach, which is why the places with the most well-developed beaches and economy are popular.

Amidst this, the option of staying in a beach hut to rest or change is getting out there these days. People are loving the concept of beach huts and the business is thriving.

In case you are planning a vacation to a beach, you might be curious about beach huts as well, thus, in this article let’s learn more about them and find out whether you can live in one.

What Is a Beach Hut? 

You must have heard a lot about beach huts or have seen some on your vacation or travels to beaches. They are nothing but economical and small-built huts, near the coast or shore.

They are generally designed and built near famous beach areas and help people find a spot to change their clothes, store their things and also sit and relax.

It is fairly obvious that when you visit a beach, you would want your electronic gadgets and some valuables away from the water. Thus, a beach hut comes in handy in safeguarding these things.

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Moreover, if the Sun is too bright, you can sit there for a while and let yourself relax with food or drinks.

These days, they have become a common part of popular beaches in each country.

Who Owns Beach Huts?

It is an obvious question that many people wonder about. People generally want to know who owns beach huts as they might be interested in doing so as well.

Building and managing a beach hut is generally done by local families or business persons who purchase or rent some property near the beach and build these structures.

They usually charge a nominal fare for their use and it turns out to be a good and sustainable recurring revenue model as a business.

Although, in some countries or cities, you may find that the local authorities or government has built beach huts and has let them out for other people to manage and run them.

Are You Allowed to Sleep Over in a Beach Hut?

Generally, beach huts are only operational during the daytime and are only for storing things and resting for a while. Nevertheless, it depends on the place you are going and the local laws.

For instance, some beach huts might provide the facility of a bed and breakfast or a stay or short accommodation. You might need to check this yourself while researching the beach you are planning to visit.

By design and facilities, beach huts are generally meant for use during the day and might not be well equipped with sleeping areas or kitchens. You may although, shift to a hotel or resort nearby, if you want to live near the beach.

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Nowadays, the concept of sea-facing rooms, tree houses, and private beaches has also come in, which helps people enjoy and have a good time near the ocean.

Do Beach Huts Have Electricity? 

Depending on the area you are visiting, your beach hut may or may not have all facilities including electricity. It depends on the list of amenities it provides and the kind of locality.

These days, a greater number of beach huts are increasing the storage space, security, and other facilities including electricity, so you may be able to find it in most of the popular destinations.

Nevertheless, you should be extremely careful while consuming electricity at the beach and also with the safety of your gadgets. You may want to keep them in a locker area or a spot where it is checked and protected under surveillance.

You should also check with the manager of the beach hut if you can avail yourself the facility of electricity beforehand.

Can You Live in a Beach Hut?

Living in a beach hut would mean either spending a night or a few nights there, and can also refer to permanently living there in some cases.

You must understand first of all that the concept of beach huts was introduced to provide a place to store things and rest for a while for people and tourists visiting the beach.

Thus, you may not find many beaches where the regulations or the owners allow you to live in the beach hut, but you may be able to find similar accommodation options in the locality.

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With the boom in the travel and hospitality industry, many platforms like Airbnb are becoming a popular choices for people to find such accommodation near their preferred areas.

You may be able to find a good deal in the localities close to the beach, don’t forget to get in touch with the owner and caretaker to resolve all your doubts.

Are Beach Huts Worth It?

Whether your beach hut is worth it or not would depend on whether the location and facilities are good. In most famous destinations, the beach huts are becoming increasingly crowded.

Since people want a short respite or place to store their belongings, you may end up getting stuck or finding chaos in most beach huts.

Nevertheless, you can consider reading reviews and contacting the owners of the beach huts to find out more about them, and in case you may consider a business opportunity for the future, you may try to avail yourself.

Whatever the case may be, you must research and compare well before finalizing a beach hut for your vacation.


Thus, in this article, we learned a lot about beach huts and how they function. We also found that generally, you cannot live in a beach hut and might need to check first with the local authorities.

Moreover, you must remember that you are going to the beach to enjoy and relax, so simply find a good beach hut, explore the places around you, and have fun!