Best Surf Changing Poncho Reviews- 2023 Buying Guide

Now you can beat that shyness and change clothes standing amid public on the beach using the best surf changing poncho.

After a memorable surfing fun on that beautiful ocean with a stunning coastline view, changing clothes on that beach that is always crowded with the public is undoubtedly the most challenging thing.

For many, it is subjected to shyness as standing naked amid unknown people in an open area isn’t that easy as it sounds.

It is difficult to say “NO” to that thrilling surfing adventure, but you can’t go home in those wet clothes. Such situations crop up as a major source of confusion.

This dramatic Poncho works as your personal changing room for all those men and women who often seek the best way to switch clothes on the beach comfortably.

Surf beach poncho comes in a variety of catchy designs, shapes, forms, and sizes. While maintaining your privacy, a wardrobe essential for surfing gives you utmost convenience on a public beach.

In this blog, we list down some of the tremendous surf ponchos that will undoubtedly add more fun to your beach moments.

10 Best Surf Poncho Reviews 2021

 1- SUN CUBE Surf Poncho Changing Robe with Hood

SUN CUBE Surf Poncho Changing Robe with Hood


  • It comes with sturdy handles for an easy carry
  • Sleeve button for a quick lock
  • Kangaroo pocket to store mobile, wallet, etc.
  • Made of 100% microfiber polyester
  • Comfortable and easy to wear


Now get over that common dilemma that you can’t change clothes on the beach as this sun cube surf Poncho has turned situations in your favor. This stylish and comfortable surf poncho is unarguably the best thing you must carry in your bag while heading to that surfing fun.

Surfers are already finding it the best companion for beach moments as it is a well-designed piece. Pocket, handle, and arm buttons reflect how convenient this alternative is. The microfiber polyester fabric feature reflects the comfort and excellent water-absorbing quality of this wetsuit. 

The beach poncho also comes with a hood that gives you a high-profile style on that public beach. However, the black color fusion is also another secret thing that makes it an appealing selection.

Wide armholes and bottom deliver you some extra adjustments so you could switch inner garments with ease. The handle at the back is an attractive point that not just gives it an upgraded look but highlights its remarkable portability for traveling. 

2- Hiturbo Microfiber Surf Beach Wetsuit Changing Towel Bath Robe Poncho with Hood

Hiturbo Microfiber Surf Beach Wetsuit Changing Towel Bath Robe Poncho with Hood


  • No Size Issue
  • Best for an outdoor change
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Includes a great water-absorbent quality
  • It comes with a Button attachment


Give us a significant reason why not this beach poncho hoodie? With a stylish and well-designed profile, this garment is unarguably the best surf poncho that complements your surfing journey. Change wet clothes in after completing that ride or keep wearing it and let its water-absorbent fabric dry your body within a few moments.

The fabric is made up of polyester and polyamide that keeps you warm and provides you relief from the shivering issue that is normal when staying for long hours in that ocean. But if we talk about its particular trait- the coverage- it is vast. After trying this best poncho for surf, you won’t encounter any privacy issues.

Apart from functionality, the Poncho looks truly stylish for its hood and lining on the edges. The Poncho serves you protection from UV rays and sand as well. Also, the lightweight property of this fantastic surf poncho considers it a flexible and comfortable option while traveling.

Your bag won’t be that heavier. There’s a hanging strap sew-in with the hood, so you could hang it anywhere you want. Beyond a doubt, it is a smartly designed piece that will keep elevating your mood on that beach.

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3- Thick Microfiber Surf Poncho (Wetsuit Changing Robe/Towel)

Thick Microfiber Surf Poncho Wetsuit Changing Robe/Towel


  • Made with 100% fabric
  • Feels soft and warm to the skin
  • Dry instantly after surfing
  • Flexible size for all
  • Last for an extended period


Now changing made simple and more comfortable on that public beach with this thick microfiber surf Poncho by Ho Stevie! The best surf poncho towel will undoubtedly make you feel unique and stylish. You can assuredly find this surf Poncho a great deal.

After first-try, you will no longer say that changing on the beach is impossible. The Poncho eliminates hassles in changing that tight swimsuit or surf suit. To simply put, it works as your personal changing room on that beach.

Without exposing yourself, you can comfortably switch your dress on that beach without worrying about the public. The microfiber material makes your body warmer right after your cover a joyful ride on a surfboard.

 Changing clothes in the public area has never been so easy, but this best surf towel seems to change all those conventional rules. In terms of style, it looks truly amazing. The white stripe design on top of the Poncho, including a hood on the top, makes it the best choice for all.

Since it is made up of 100% natural fabric (cotton), you’ll never encounter itching or any skin-related issue. By all means, this surf poncho offers you the utmost convenience.

4- Surf Changing Poncho Blue / Adult Hooded Towel / Changing Towel

Surf Changing Poncho Blue / Adult Hooded Towel / Changing Towel


  • High-profile design
  • 100% natural cotton fabric
  • A well-designed changing robe
  • Easy to wash
  • Sturdy fabric offering enhanced durability


Now look fabulous and feel fantastic on that beach as this changing robe serves you nice rest after that adventurous surfing session. Not just surfing, but after swimming, diving, or any wet session, the changing Poncho gives you utmost satisfaction on every move.

The best changing ponchos for surfers with a big-size hood gives you good coverage. Without exposing your body to the public, you can easily change all those swimming costumes. People with sensitive skin can find it a better companion as it is an excellent alternative to those polyester fabric Ponchos.

The fabric is also washable but makes sure you nicely wash it after purchasing. Since it is made with 100% cotton fabric, such essentials must be noted down as early as possible. 

Don’t worry about your wet suit; the absorbable cotton fabric of this warm Poncho will instantly absorb the moisture, ensuring you could feel dry and make a comfortable comeback to your home.

This changing Poncho gives you a spacious room that offers a better fit for every body type. Your changing will not turn more private and comfortable with this excellent piece.

5- BESTA Surf Poncho, Wetsuit Changing Robe/Towel with Hood and Front Pocket

BESTA Surf Poncho, Wetsuit Changing Robe/Towel with Hood and Front Pocket


  • The front pocket and hood attached
  • Thick, warm, and absorbent material
  • Length (105 cm long) gives a good body coverage
  • The width makes the changing seamless
  • No fitting issues


You won’t be able to count the number of compliments people will make once you click a picture in this Poncho. The magic of this warm poncho will be catching more comments of savvy surfers who also wish to purchase this cool stuff for their surfing or swimming session.

The plush microfiber ensures you feel warm and comfortable in this well-designed changing robe. While changing in or out of that wetsuit, you will feel good. Even though there are so many people on that beach, you can feel confident about this outfit as it gives your body excellent coverage.

 The warm poncho is 105 cm long- isn’t it an excellent thing. Compared to other options, the Poncho gives extra length that means changing won’t be a big issue for taller people. Width also offers you sufficient room, ensuring you could change those tight and wet clothes privately under the robe.

Hood and a kangaroo pocket on the front side are the additional features of this changing robe. However, the exact fit is subjected to the height and figure of the individual. So make sure you make the right size selection.

6- FLYILY Beach Changing Towel Quick-Dry Surf Poncho Robe with Pocket Hooded

FLYILY Beach Changing Towel Quick-Dry Surf Poncho Robe with Pocket Hooded


  • Hood and pocket attached
  • Super soft fabric
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • A moderate machine wash needed
  • Lightweight micro-fiber material


Forget about those regular beach towels and shitty clothes. Next time, when you will go for that thrilling surfing ride, this Flyily beach-changing Poncho will be waiting behind to give you a comfortable hug whenever you make come back to that seashore.

With attractive color options and bright strips on edge, this well-designed changing robe looks stylish. Polyester blend fabric material makes it a lightweight choice, ensuring you enjoy your tour. It won’t cover ample space in your car that truly makes it a friendly Poncho for that surfing experience.

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A large goodie gives you sun, wind, and rain protection, and a kangaroo pocket makes it easy for you to carry those small accessories that you often forget and leave abandon on that beach.

The product is available in multiple styles and sizes. However, this beach towel poncho is highly recommended for women as the overall design and figure of this Poncho look genuinely appealing to the eye.

There’s something special about this surf-changing Poncho that you can’t resist.

7- Cor Surf Poncho Changing Towel Robe with Hood and Front Pocket

Cor Surf Poncho Changing Towel Robe with Hood and Front Pocket


  • Polyester and Nylon fabric material
  • checkered style
  • Hood and front pocket attached
  • Soft and instantly dry
  • A perfect gift for surfers


Now you will not just focus on those wave rides, as this stylish warm Poncho will be there to catch your attention. The moment you take a rest from that surfing time, you will be compelled to try this core surf Poncho.

The colors and checkered style adds a fashionable dimension to this whole masterpiece. With hood and pocket, it becomes more vibrant. The color splash adds more volume to the outfit that insists you not to go without clicking some selfies.

After taking pleasure in that adventurous surfing ride, you will be curious to try this outfit as the spacious fabric of this Poncho ensures you comfortably change your look while standing amid a public zone. 

Since the fabric is relatively light, it may not be able to give you a warmer feel. Still, in summers, it can work away better than other outfits. 

8- Surf Wetsuit Poncho Hooded Changing Towel By Open Road Goods

Surf Wetsuit Poncho Hooded Changing Towel By Open Road Goods


  • Designer changing-robe with catchy prints
  • Machine washable
  • Large size
  • No fitting issue
  • Lightweight and portable


The surfing experience will turn more thrilling from now on as this surf wetsuit will make everything more dramatic. The style alone makes it an exclusive piece. Beyond a doubt, male surfers are more fanatic about such high-profile designs.

If we talk about the fabric, it is thick and durable and gives you a towel feel which itself is a fantastic feature of this designer wetsuit. Cotton fabric and Turkish print make it an excellent choice for men.

A small chest pocket including a hoodie, black strips, and buttons on the neck adds more excellence to this outfit for surfers. This changing robe offers wide and lengthy room and ensures you don’t expose yourself while switching the clothes. Even though you wish to wear this Beach poncho hoodie alone after that surfing time, just give it a try!

9- Cor Surf Poncho Changing Towel Robe with Hood and Front Pocket Tribal Style

Cor Surf Poncho Changing Towel Robe with Hood and Front Pocket Tribal Style


  • Attractive tribal print design
  • A versatile option
  • Hood and Front Pocket Attached
  • Instant to dry


Here’s another fashionable choice. If you are searching for a stylish changing robe in some unique pattern, consider this surf changing Poncho. The Poncho feels soft to the skin. The quality print is fade-resistant as the Poncho is also instant to dry.

You can confidently wear this Poncho on that beach for a long hour as the outfit complements your beach style. With great length and wide dimension, the Poncho ensures comfortable changing. An oversized hoodie and kangaroo pocket are some notable points of this surf Poncho.

The light fabric makes it a handy product for travelers. Still, the tribal print is the game-changing element of this changing robe. Both men and women can choose this Poncho for their surfing experiences.

Although the faded tribal print on this Poncho might confuse or change your opinions about this option, it is a part of the style. Pay close attention and observe the detail; you will unquestionably find it an attractive piece.

10- Winthome Surf Poncho Changing Robe with Hood and Pockets

Winthome Surf Poncho Changing Robe with Hood and Pockets


  • Thick fabric
  • Large Hooded Poncho
  • It makes you feel warm


Winthome surf Poncho is the last but excellent alternative for those who seek simplistic yet more functional options. The towel fabric is quite thick and instantly absorbs moisture.

The towel keeps you warm and wide arm and a large hood ensure you change your outfits within a few seconds. Not just surfing, but after every swimming session, the Poncho gives you next-level comfort.

You may even use the Poncho at home as an alternative to a regular towel as the Poncho itself comes in towel fabric made of Polyester and polyamide material. The brand always recommends washing the Poncho two times before you start using it. 

The beach poncho looks good on both men and women, so feel free to purchase it as no gender restriction is imposed. The black color gives it a high-profile look. Also, the fabric feels soft and warm, so you try this Poncho in cold climates. 

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Surf Poncho: The Buying Guide To Make the Right Choice

If you are still struggling to come up with the best buying decision for surf changing Poncho, take a quick glimpse at this buying guide and make the right choice-


The fabric and material of the beach Poncho you choose for beach adventure should be lightweight, durable, and must have absorbent quality. It must be giving you warmth so you could feel comfortable after spending hours in that cold blue ocean.

Cotton and Polyester fabric are some of the popular fabric materials you must include in your buying list. Good quality material will serve you for a long time and make your surfing journey better with every passing year.


The changing robe perhaps doesn’t come with excellent fitting; still, they should be spacious enough that you could seamlessly switch your outfits in them. The size shouldn’t be very big or small. Also, make sure you don’t pick a small size. Else your body parts may expose to the public. 

Remember, you aren’t purchasing a hoodie or any jacket. If you are finding it a great option, possible that it is an ideal size. For reference, dig out the internet world. Find some inspiration or take a look at the model featured on the shopping portal you’ll purchase a surf Poncho from. You will certainly come across the right buying decision. 

Water Absorption:

Best surf poncho must include high water absorption quality. The human body can’t stay for long in salty ocean water; it will start to lose its strength. That’s why as soon as you complete your surfing session, dry out your body using a warm Poncho or towel robe. As compared to regular towels or clothes, these Ponchos give you a comfortable feel.

You can also prevent yourself from further sickness as it warms your body quickly. Moreover, you may have to leave your surfing experience in the midway as urgent work compels you to do it in most instances. So wet clothes don’t make things more annoying and disturbing; the best surf Poncho aids your convenience. 


Style is undoubtedly a significant factor. While purchasing a surf changing Poncho, you must consider this imperative aspect. After all, you are most probably using this changing robe in a public zone. At there, people are more likely to stare at you if you are wearing some ugly stuff.

You must wear something that draws attention and become an inspiration for others. Moreover, you can even wear these Ponchos for different occasions. But make sure the style allows you for it. 

Additional features:

Anything can be included in the list of the additional features. For example- it can be an additional pocket, hood, or designer print on a surf poncho. You may include these helpful add-ons in your surfing outfit as per your likings. Such as if you want to create a dramatic look, go with a high-quality print or a well-designed alternative.

Kangaroo pockets are quite a popular feature in towel changing robes; still, you can go with plain or chest-pocket designs. Hood adds more volume to your outfit, but it is also helpful in dry out your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy Surf Poncho?

You must buy a u003cstrongu003esurf changing ponchou003c/strongu003e as it is a fantastic solution for all those surfers, swimmers and shy people who find it difficult to change clothes in a public place. Also, these Ponchos are a great alternative to regular towels.

How is Surf Poncho Helpful for Surfers?

Surfers comparatively spend more time in the ocean; hence thick changing Poncho helps them feel warm. Moreover, surfers wear some tight costume that isn’t worn like a standard outfit and seek extra and relative more private space to bet dressed in.

Why Hood and Pocket are Necessary for Surf Poncho?u003cbr/u003e

Pocket is undoubtedly necessary for surf Poncho because people often forget to carry some small and essential accessories in their pocket.  At the same time, hood not just works as a fashionable add-on for an outfit but also dries out your hair after completing your surfing session in the ocean. 

The Bottom Line:

So that’s all about how to purchase the best surf changing Poncho that complements your style and lifestyle at once.  The options we bring you in the list stated above are truly unique. Not even a single piece carries any flaw.

Therefore, the ultimate decision will be yours. Don’t worry if you are finding it hard to make a wise choice; take a sneak peek at the buying guide and buy the right product to make your surfing and swimming moments more enjoyable than ever before. Before the summer season goes, end up purchasing this essential thing that makes your day.