Do Hotels Charge Resort Fees When Pools Are Closed?

Many hotels and resorts charge a daily resort fee in addition to the room rate, which covers various amenities and services the property provides.

These fees include Wi-Fi, gym access, parking, and pool use.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many hotels have had to close or limit access to certain amenities, including pools.

This has led to questions about whether hotels still charge resort fees when guests cannot use these facilities.

Do Hotels Charge Resort Fees When Pools Are Closed?

The answer to this question can vary depending on the hotel or resort.

Some properties have continued to charge resort fees even when certain amenities, such as pools, are closed or restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These fees are often stated as non-refundable and are considered part of the overall room rate.

However, other hotels and resorts have adjusted their policies and are not charging resort fees when certain amenities are unavailable.

This can depend on various factors, including the specific property, the closure length, and the overall impact on the guest experience.

Guests need to review the specific policies of the hotel or resort they are considering booking, especially in light of the pandemic and the potential for closures or restrictions on certain amenities.

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Guests may also consider contacting the hotel directly to ask about their policies regarding resort fees during closures or limitations on amenities.

Can you choose not to pay resort fees?

While resort fees are often included in the total cost of a hotel room and are generally mandatory.

Guests may be able to choose not to use certain amenities or services that the resort fee covers.

However, guests may still be required to pay the resort fee even if they do not use all the included amenities.

In some cases, guests can negotiate the removal of the resort fee by contacting the hotel directly and explaining their situation.

However, this is only sometimes successful, and it is ultimately up to the hotel’s discretion whether or not to waive the fee.

Guests must review the hotel’s policies and fees before booking their stay to ensure they understand what is included in the total cost and avoid any surprises at check-out.

What is the reason for the resort fee?

Resort fees are fees hotels and resorts charge for additional amenities and services beyond the standard room rate.

These fees vary greatly and typically cover Wi-Fi, pool access, gym facilities, and other services.

The reason for these fees is to cover the cost of providing these additional amenities and services to guests.

While some guests may use these amenities, others may not, so the resort fee helps to ensure that the hotel can cover these costs without increasing the base room rate for all guests.

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Additionally, hotels may use resort fees to advertise a lower room rate while still being able to charge guests for the additional services they provide.

This can be misleading to some guests, who may only realize the total cost of their stay once they receive their final bill.

What is a resort fee?

A resort, destination, or facility fee is an additional daily charge that some hotels and resorts add to a guest’s bill.

The fee is intended to cover the cost of providing certain amenities or services to guests, such as access to a fitness center, pool towels, Wi-Fi, or other facilities.

The fee is often mandatory and is charged in addition to the nightly room rate, which can sometimes be misleading for guests who assume that all costs are included in the room rate.

Resort fees have become a controversial topic in the hospitality industry.

With some guests feeling that they are being charged for services they may not use or expect to pay extra for.

Are resort fees charged daily?

Yes, resort fees are typically charged daily, usually per room per night.

The resort fee varies depending on the hotel or resort and can range from a few dollars to over $50 per day.

It’s important to note that resort fees are separate from the room rate and are not included in the advertised price of the room.

Does resort fee include housekeeping?

In most cases, resort fees do not include housekeeping.

Housekeeping services are typically considered part of the room rate and are included in the base price of the room.

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Resort fees generally cover amenities and services such as access to fitness centers, pools, Wi-Fi, and other facilities.

However, it’s important to check with the specific hotel or resort to confirm what is included in their resort fee.


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