How Much Do Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs Weigh?

The Tommy Bahama beach chair weight is about 7 lbs. This is a great lightweight chair for the beach and for anywhere else. I love the quality and the look of it. It is very comfortable and can hold up to 300 lbs.

How Much Does a Tommy Bahama Beach Chair Weigh?

Tommy Bahama offers you different styles of beach chairs with different weights. You can check out the 5 Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs with their weight.

1- Tommy Bahama 5-Position Classic Lay Flat Folding Backpack Beach Chair:

First, the reviewer loved how lightweight this chair was (7.5lbs). They also liked that it had a built-in cooler, towel bar, and pouch for drinks which made carrying it easier. The best feature about the chair is that you can carry it like a backpack making your hands free for other things.

2- Tommy Bahama, Striped

The chairs are made of lightweight materials and are easy to handle. Item Weight 7.65 Pound. you can use backpack straps to carry it without using your hands.

3- Tommy Bahama 2020 Multi Striped Backpack Beach Chairs

The chair is easy to carry and lightweight, weighing less than 10lbs.
It has adjustable, patented backpack shoulder straps that allow for unrestricted movement and custom-fit ability, ensuring travel comfort.

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4- Tommy Bahama Beach Chair, Blue

The product weighs 7.73 pounds. It is made of lightweight aluminum so it will not rust. It collapses for hands-free toting, and the quality and price are worth it. The chair feels great and is super comfortable.

5- Tommy Bahama Highboy 4 Position Beach Chairs 15 Inch

The Beach Chair is a product weight 8 pounds and made of aluminum. The chair collapses easily for storage or transportation, has good quality, and the price is worth it. The 15-inch beach chair from Tommy Bahama feels great and is very comfortable.

Why did you choose lightweight beach chairs?

Beach chairs come in all sizes, shapes, styles and designs. However, the best model for me is the lightweight beach chair.

What makes it the best for me is that it’s very easy to carry around and move from place to place, and extremely comfortable to sit in, even for longer periods of time.

This is important when it comes to beach trips where you need to walk long distances and carry a lot of things.


A Tommy Bahama beach chair is a very lightweight beach chair ( 7 to 8 lbs )and comfortable to have, and the first thing that you should do is start looking for them on the Internet so that you can get them as soon as possible.