Best Bodyboards Reviews

Do you want a bodyboard? Are you not sure about the brand of the bodyboard that suits your needs? Then check out our ultimate list of the best bodyboards to buy in 2021.

Summer is approaching, so it would be a great idea to set up your surfing gear ( bodyboard, leash, pair of fins, wetsuit, and surf poncho ) and hit the beaches. No matter whether you are a regular board surfer or a beginner, you need good bodyboards so you can enjoy the best bodyboarding experience.

However, investing in a bodyboard can give you a lot of stress and confuse you, especially when you’re a beginner. That’s why here we’ve reviewed and researched the ten best bodyboards of 2021 that you can buy.

So, let’s get started.

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Comparison of Top Ten Best Bodyboards to Buy in 2021

Here is the quick comparison of all the top ten best bodyboards that you can buy for yourself.

What is a Bodyboard?

A bodyboard is a wider and longer surfing board that may vary in size and shape. This board is specially made for surfing on the ocean waves. Belly riding and prone paddling, both transition styles, can give you an enjoyable experience when you have this board.

Besides that, it would be an excellent way of enhancing your surfing skills. It can be helpful for you to gain the confidence of surfing and help you become familiar with the ocean wave current.

Are Surfing Boards Similar to Bodyboards?

It’s wrong if you say both the boards are the same. Well, this is true that these both are made for surfing. But the surfing board is made to surf on ocean waves in an upright position, and the bodyboard is made to surf on ocean waves while lying flat on the bodyboard.

Moreover, the bodyboard is extra large as compared to the surfboard. But, on the other hand, bodyboards are quite comfortable and good to learn surfing on ocean waves. Therefore, it’s good to invest in bodyboards if you are a first-timer.

Before you take a quick move to buy the best bodyboard for you, let us glance at the comparison table to have clear views about our reviewed products.

List of Top Ten Best Bodyboards

To decide which board is perfect for you, here are the 10 best bodyboard reviews that help make your decision easier.

1- Morey Cruiser 42.5 Bodyboard (Ideal for Adults)

Morey Cruiser 42.5 BodyBoard

Morey Cruiser is one of the top brands of standard bodyboard that is made for you. This 42.5 inches long bodyboard offers a larger slide. It is made with IKL top skins and softer rails containing less abrasive foam than the regular bodyboard.

Above this, the polystyrene core further enhances the density of this bodyboard to make it more buoyant. The core material makes it excellent for surfing on the beach waves and catching waves quite easily. Also, the crescent tail and the wrist leash enhance its look.

Its 25-millimeter HDPE bottom skin makes it extremely desirable and incredible. The two-color variations are available to the users, which is just perfect for a brighter sunny day. This bodyboard is excellent for beginners and intermediate-level riders.

This superb bodyboard constitutes a single power rod stringer which is present between the middle of it. Thus, it provides exceptional durability and stability to the surfer. On the other hand, its classic shape and PE core construction, including the crescent tail, provide you complete control while transiting in waves.

This bodyboard is perfect for an incredible surfing experience, from design to extra large frames and lightweight material. Morey is one such brand that offers you the best-hallmarked bodyboard that is specifically designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level surfers.

This bodyboard is extremely worthier for beginners who want to develop skills in surfing. Overall, it would be great to have for surfing and surfing skill development.


  • Excellent blend of stiffness and weight
  • Made for riding on a variety of ocean waves
  • Strong and sturdy construction for a long-lasting experience
  • Works exceptionally for stand-up, drop-knee, and prone surfing


  • The leash is not included in this bodyboard

2- Lucky Bums BodyBoard with EPS Core Slick Bottom (Best for kids and adults)

Lucky Bums BodyBoard with EPS Core Slick Bottom and Leash

Lucky Bums bodyboard is one of the best and durable boards that has an EPS core slick bottom. Its dynamic design has 60/40 rails, high-density polyethylene slick bottom, and rear channels. These are designed exceptionally for surfing on all kinds of waves.

Its extraordinary design allows you to increase the speed, control over the board, and provide better strength. Also, the high-density polyethylene bottom is re-engineered and combined with the EPS core that makes this bodyboard extremely durable, lightweight, and buoyant. The board is always ready to make the transition and drop you on the sandbars easily.

Luckily, this board comes with a leash, so you don’t need any modifications to the board to make it more functional and valuable. This is ready to use; you just need to strap the leash to the wrist and secure you.

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One thing that gives you complete satisfaction is the product is delivered to you at a 100% satisfactory rate. Even if you got any issues, the problem would be fixed by the company on its own. Moreover, you get a variety of color options to choose the most amazing color variant bodyboard for you.

It further features an EPS core that is also available to you in three distinctive sizes as 41 inches, 37 inches, and 33 inches, respectively. Hence, you can choose the board accordingly to tackle the waves. In addition to this, this EPS core is fused with the rear channels, so you learn to grab the waves.

Plus, you get a lifetime warranty, so you can set yourself confident and enjoy surfing for a longer time. This is even best for kids as it is available in different sizes.


  • Affordable than other bodyboards
  • Lifetime warranty and complete satisfaction
  • 60/40 rails are present to enhance speed
  • EPS core for extra stability


  • The side panel can easily strip off

3- Mike Stewart Science Bodyboard Style Loaded MS Channels Polypropylene (Best for intermediate and advanced surfers)

Mike Stewart Science Bodyboard Style Loaded MS Channels Polypropylene

You probably know about the Mike Stewart bodyboards. This brand designs the best bodyboards for intermediate and advanced wave riders. The science bodyboard is 42 inches large; however, you can choose the size according to your need depending on the weight and height.

This board is made from extra-durable polypropylene that combines with ms channels and mesh. This design is made for excellent performance. Mike Stewart’s bodyboard has a tail in a crescent shape and is made of Surlyn, which helps drive speed.

The narrow template provides power for better maneuverability, speed, and controls. You get two color variants and can be used for drop-knee surfing on the ocean waves. The curved shape provides better control and super-fast transition on any waves, whether big or small. This bodyboard is designed by Mike Stewart who is nine times champion of bodyboarding.

Besides that, you get one stringer for optimum control and driving speed. The only downside is it doesn’t become accessible by beginners. Other than this, the bodyboard is excellent to have as its universal design is excellent for all types of moves on the waves.

It features MS Channels for gradual entry and helps in keeping it constant on the water flow. When the water flows down the board, the surface will increase, but as soon as you go down from flat to the concave channel, the bodyboard will slow down immediately. Additionally, it offers you no drag-producing surface areas, which makes the transition easier.


  • Super smooth and enters into the water channels
  • Super-fast speed and curve control
  • Durable and long-lasting polypropylene
  • Mesh added for better control


  • Not for the beginner’s level surfer

4- BPS Storm Bodyboard Premium Coiled Leash and Fin Tether (Best for beginner and intermediate level surfer)

BPS Storm Bodyboard Premium Coiled Leash and Fin Tether

Are you a beginner-level surfer? Then you must go with the BPS storm bodyboard. It is extremely lightweight, which includes HDPE slick and EPS core that provide nice aesthetics. Moreover, this bodyboard includes various features that help improve your skills as a beginner and gain confidence.

The EPS core provides complete buoyancy for maximum speed and perfect transition on water waves. It comes with the coiled wrist leash and bodyboard fins that offer you a high-speed surface. Moreover, it has bottom rear channels and available with different variations that allow you to handle maximum weight up to 180 labs.

The channels are available for excellent stability horizontally and vertically. This bodyboard is built for perfect balance, speed and maneuverability. Moreover, the board also comes with a coiled leash that helps stop losing control. Apart from this, the fin tethers also make sure you don’t lose your swim fins while transitioning in the waves.

It also features a high-density polyethylene bottom that allows you to amplify the board’s performance for the ultimate ride. It also provides a resistant free ride and better speed. The coiled leash is present beneath the bottom for high buoyancy.  Instruction manuals are also provided in the package so you can easily learn how to use the bodyboard.

Lightweight design, coil wrist leash to control board, and bodyboard fins, all these things make this bodyboard exceptional than others.

Besides that, it comes with a 12-month warranty period. The best part is you get different color variants, so you can have multiple options of color to choose from. Also, you can even choose different sizes for your needs.


  • Bodyboard fins for excellent speed and transition
  • MS channels and crescent tails
  • 12 months warranty period and handle 180 lbs weight
  • Lightweight and easy to control


  • HDPE slick is not so durable

5- Wavestorm 40″ Bodyboard (Best for intermediate surfers)

Wavestorm 40" Bodyboard 2-Pack, Blue red and Blue Yellow

Wavestorm is a well-known brand that makes bodyboards for beginners, intermediate and advanced level surfers. A bodyboard is designed uniquely with EPS core and has WBX water barrier skin that helps to improve the gripping and ensure movement.

It features a crescent tail shape that allows improving the gripping over the body. Apart from this, it ensures smooth glide for easy movement of other waves. The board features a leash plug and a removable wrist leash that provide you complete control while transitioning.

Besides that, it also has an MS channel at the bottom that ensures complete buoyancy and better precision. The extra-large size and smooth surface made with polystyrene can handle 180 pounds. In addition, it has re-engineered contour deck and speeds slick bottom skin to make your ride more enjoyable and secure. This slick bottom skin ensures stiffness and speed on all types of waves.

Wavestorm bodyboard is designed uniquely for intermediate surfers who want to improve their skills. This 40 inches long extended board comes with an EPS foam core which enhances the durability. Its excellent graphic design and soft deck ensure better control of the bodyboard.

As far as the price of this bodyboard is your concern, then don’t be because it is budget-friendly, so you don’t need to dig your pocket to buy this one. There is nothing better than experiencing the transition on the ocean wave for the first time. The Wavestorm bodyboard is undoubtedly the best one to have if you are an intermediate surfer.

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  • Soft EPS foam core
  • Removable wrist leash
  • Patented Graphic technology
  • Deck contour for better gripping


  • No warranty is given

6- Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail Bodyboard (For advanced-level surfers)

Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail Bodyboard

Custom X bodyboards by Titan are designed for high-end surfers. It offers excellent features like a crescent tail for better speed and precise control. Another interesting highlight of this bodyboard is the Surlyn bottom which allows you to move faster on all kinds of waves.

Moreover, the dual rails and MS channels help provide perfect grip when facing the waves and perform tricks over the waves. This board provides extreme stability to the surfers. It is made with the wave-plank polyethylene core that is highly durable and long-lasting.

Titan bodyboard increases the projection of the surfer on the ocean wave with the help of the graphite stringer. Also, the double rails 50/50 and single stringer provide you better wave transition for a longer time. In addition to this, the bodyboard is available to you in three different sizes so you can easily choose the best one for you.

But if you’re a beginner, this may not be your preference because this model is specially designed for intermediate and advanced level surfers. The best part is it can hold up to 250 lbs of weight which even makes it excellent. The bottom of the board has Surlyn which seems to offer better buoyancy.

You get four color variants to choose from, such as black, red, blue, and yellow. Overall, the bodyboard is great to buy.


  • Perfect for bigger wave riders
  • Made with a high-density polyethylene core
  • It has two stringers and crescent shape tail
  • Different color variants available


  • Only for advance wave riders and high price

7- THURSO SURF DuoSlider 45” Bodyboard with Handles Two Person EPS Core (Best for family Use)

THURSO SURF DuoSlider 45'' Bodyboard with Handles Two Person EPS Core
THURSO SURF Lightning 42'' Bodyboard PE Core IXPE Deck HDPE Bottom

THURSO Surf bodyboard is specially made for family use. It focuses on easy riding and stability to have maximum enjoyment. It features two FRP stringers and an HDPE core that make it completely buoyant and lightweight. The use of high-density polyethylene makes it durable and long-lasting.

Above this, the durable IXPE deck keeps it well-cushioned and reduces the risk of delamination. Its bottom is stronger enough to handle the maximum weight and keep it strong. This further helps in enhancing the speed of the board while riding on the waves.

It features dual stainless-steel swivel leash that offers better control while riding on it. The crescent shaped tail is made for enhancing the speed and providing better stability to the riders.

Its unique design and extra-large size make it ideal for all the types of riders. In addition, this is beginner-friendly, so if you’re thinking of enhancing your surfing skill, the bodyboard is for you.

It features the EPS foam that helps to maintain buoyancy and provides flexibility to the riders to surf easily. The bottom skin of the board provides stiffness and strength so that you can gain maximum speed during wave surfing.

The only downside is the board is available in a single size, so you don’t have too many options to choose from. Other than this, this bodyboard is excellent for family use, and it can easily hold more weight which is good.


  • Maximum weight carrying capacity
  • The free leash allows having better control
  • EPS foam for strength and flexibility
  • High-density IXPE


  • Only a single size is available

8- Bo-Toys Bodyboard Lightweight with EPS Core (Best in the budget)

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

Bo-Toys manufacture the most lightweight bodyboards that are ideal for beginners and intermediate wave riders. It features an EPS core that offers a great buoyancy level and offers great strength and stability. In addition, being lightweight helps in increasing the speed during wave transition.

It is made with high-density polyethylene with a super slick bottom, a crescent tail, and MS channels. These things make this bodyboard extremely durable and sturdier. Moreover, this bodyboard is exceptionally water-resistant for all kinds of wave conditions.

Plus, 60/40 rails allow you to develop more skills and movability. In addition to this, it features a pro-quality leash along with a wristband so that you can keep yourself protected while surfing on the board. The size of the board is 33 inches which may not be larger than other kinds of bodyboards but wider enough to surf easily.

Its stylish design and color variants make this bodyboard extremely worthier for beginner surfers. Bo Toys bodyboard may be lightweight, but it is sturdier enough to handle around 180 lbs’ weight. So, even a heavy-weight adult can easily surf on this bodyboard.

The best part about having the bodyboard by Bo Toys is you get complete customer support. If your bodyboard gets defected or any issue arises in your bodyboard, you get customer support instantly to fix the issues. Moreover, if you receive any faulty item, it will be replaced immediately.


  • Highly water-resistant
  • It consists of a Pro-quality leash for better stability
  • Stylish design and lightweight
  • Smooth transition on waves


  • Size is smaller than others

9- Goplus Super Lightweight Bodyboard, 37-41 inch Body Board with EPS Core (Best for kids and adults)

Goplus Super Lightweight Bodyboard, 37-41 inch Body Board with EPS Core

Goplus Super lightweight bodyboard is amongst the best surfing boards that allow you to enjoy ocean wave riding at the extreme. So this summer, enjoy a cozy and cool ride over the waves by having this stylishly designed bodyboard. Its dynamic design features 60/40 rails, a crescent tail, rear channels, and a durable frame, making this bodyboard ideal for anyone.

Meanwhile, the board is easily controllable with a leash and even provides you maximum speed while surfing on the heavy waves. This bodyboard is made with premium quality high-density polyethylene with a slick bottom. This not only provides ideal buoyancy to float but adds stiffness to the board.

Due to the EPS core, the board is extremely difficult to deform and break. The wristband leash is also included, which you can easily put on your wrist and even at the ankle to keep yourself protected on the board while surfing on it. Also, the XPE deck provides excellent water resistance capacity so that you can transit easily on the ocean wave.

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Be it your water park, ocean, and other water activity areas, this bodyboard by Goplus is best suited for all. Moreover, its strong buoyancy and durable construction make it ideal for surfing even on higher oceanic waves. Its scientifically designed position of the leash allows you to have an excellent traction experience.

Though it is lightweight, it can easily carry weight around 188 lbs which is huge. But, even beginners can control this board easily. So, they can have this board to learn surfing skills and become a professional surfer.


  • Excellent buoyancy and sturdier design
  • Easily carry maximum weight up to 188 lbs
  • Easy traction and scientifically designed leash
  • EPS core and lightweight


  • The foam gets delaminated after some use

10- Morey Mach 7-42″ Bodyboard (Best for beginners and intermediate level surfers)

Morey Mach 7 42" Bodyboard

Morey Mach is one of the widely known and iconic bodyboards presently available to you. This bodyboard is uniquely designed for ocean wave traction. The bodyboard design is simple yet aesthetic and ideal for beginners who want to learn the skills of surfing.

It comprises a bat tail which provides better stability and mobility to the riders. Meanwhile, the riders can easily turn and rotate the board with the help of this bat tail. Moreover, it also features an EPS core proven to enhance the stability and grip for smooth gliding.

Also, the high-density polyethylene material with a slick bottom gives this bodyboard a strong and durable frame that lasts longer for you. Above this, the EPS core also contributes to the buoyancy for smooth riding. It also features a power rod stringer that gives reinforced strength.

The construction of the bodyboard may make it lightweight, but it is sturdier enough to handle the weight of around 180 lbs. Even a 6 feet tall person can easily surf on this board. Its extra-large size and maximum width further make it worthier for traction on the ocean wave easily.

Crescent tail and leash make it easy to control. This is why it is best for beginners and even intermediate-level riders. It also has MS channels present on the slick bottom that help to maintain horizontal stability.


  • Power stringer that helps to increase strength
  • Bottom channels provide extra stability
  • Can handle 180 lbs weight easily
  • Bat tail for easy traction


  • There is no warranty

How to Decide Which Bodyboard is Best for You?

Bodyboards come with different designs and characteristics. If you’re a beginner, then you may feel challenging without adequate knowledge of features and manufacturers. To help you decide, here are some tips. We are sure this will help to buy the best bodyboard for you.

Bodyboard Size

The size of the bodyboard is the foremost thing that you need to focus on. This will affect the level of enjoyment with great speed. To achieve maximum speed, you need to consider those boards with a minimum length of 55mm or 42 inches.

But do not consider those boards bigger than this because you may find it difficult to move and control. Moreover, do not consider less than 41 inches because too small may sink quickly into the water, and you face difficulty in surfing on ocean waves. A bodyboard between 35 inches to 42 inches would be ideal to have.

Weight Capacity

If your bodyboard can’t handle the maximum weight, you might sink quickly and snap down under the weight. Therefore, manufacturers specify some weight carrying capacity. An ideal board allows you to carry a maximum weight of around 200 pounds.

But some bodyboards can also allow carrying even more. So, you can check the weight carrying capacity before deciding to buy.

Construction Material

The bodyboard is made of different parts, including nose, core, contours, deck, tail, slick, and rail. The core must be made from extruded polystyrene, polypropylene, and polyethylene. The EPS material is lightweight, cheapest, and durable.

Nose Tail

But the nose is at the top of the board, where you can place your hand for gripping. There are two types of nose tails available which are bat shape and crescent shape. The crescent shape tail provides excellent grip on the board, and the bat shape provides you better speed and stability.

Deck and Slick

The deck is the upper portion made from polyethylene, and the slick is the bottom side of the board, made from HDPE and Surlyn. The bodyboard, which is made from Surlyn, is quite expensive than HDPE but quite durable.


These are the sides of the bodyboard, which is required for better maneuverability. Be sure to have those boards which have either 50/50 rail or 60/40 rail. This means the top of the rail makes 40% and the bottom is 60%. 50/50 is also good to have for ideal mobility and flexibility.

Additional Features

Some additional features are also there that help in enhancing your surfing fun on the waves. So, you can also look for leash plugs, leash cords, and many more that help you to remain on the board for a longer time. Additionally, you can even check the warranty period to make sure that you will invest in a worthier product.


How can I know which bodyboard is perfect for me?

You can follow the above tips and things such as bodyboard construction material, weight carrying capacity, size, and shape to decide a perfect board for you. Moreover, you can also check some accessories such as wristband leash that further provide you protection.

What are the best bodyboards to buy in 2021?

Morey Boogie Mach 10, Mach 7, Goplus, and Bo Toys are some of the best bodyboards to buy in 2021.

What is the perfect size of the bodyboard to buy?

Ideally, you can buy any bodyboard size that ranges between 35 to 41 inches. Moreover, you can also consider the size chart to choose the perfect bodyboard for you.

Which is the best crescent tailor for the bat tail?

Both the tails are best to have. Bat tail offers speed, whereas crescent tail offers maximum stability and functionality.


Bodyboards are good to enjoy traction of the waves during summer times. So, here are the 10 best bodyboards that you can choose to surf on the waves. If you are still not satisfied, you can follow the buying guide mentioned above for choosing the best bodyboard according to your needs.