Taking Newborn To Beach – Best Time and Age

What is the best time to take a newborn to the beach? At what age should one take his newborn to the beach? Is it safe to go with a newborn at the beach? Likewise, so many questions are raised in the head, especially amongst the new parents.

Ideally, parents can wait for six months to take their babies for the first time at beaches. However, babies’ skin is delicate, and extreme exposure to sunlight can damage their skin. So, it can be challenging to decide which time is perfect to go out with babies on the beach.

However, a little forward with the right planning and essential packing of things can be helpful to enjoy a bright sunny day with the kids. With that in mind, we’ve listed here some valuable things such as perfect timing, day, and backpack tips to take your newborn babies on the beach easily.

Let’s have a look.

Best Time to Go to Beach with Baby for the First Time

Newborn babies can be taken on the beach for short stints and parents need to protect their heads with the hat. However, there is no particular age to take the newborn child to the beach. Ideally, wait for at least two to three months so that their immune system makes a build-up.

Time of Day:

Remember that the baby’s skin is susceptible to UV rays compared to the adults. Therefore, avoid taking them to the beaches during the daytime. Also, avoid using sunscreen on babies below the age of six months. It would be harsh for their skin.

However, if you are going out on the beach with your babies under six months, you can avoid taking them into the sunlight between 10 am to 4 pm. Also, the best time of the day to visit the beach is during the early morning and evening when the sun is setting because the sunlight is mild and there will be less effect of UV rays.

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Length of Time:

Babies can get tired easily, so don’t take them out for 8 hours a day in direct heat of the sun. Also, you should consider the weather condition and make sure it is not that hot and aim to go out in the morning and evening times only. This will help to build up the toleration power for direct sunlight.

Do not think that winter sunlight is excellent for going out. Be aware because UV rays can still harm the babies’ skin when you take them out in winter.


Do not take the babies out in extreme winter conditions and summers as it can be harsh to the skin. However, the summer season would be great and the spring season. Make sure to take necessary precautions and pack essentials when going out.

Find a calm place on the beach where sunlight doesn’t reach the babies directly. Avoid taking them during extreme weather conditions.

Taking A Newborn to The Beach

Before taking a newborn to the beach, it is a must to take care of age and best time to take them to the beach; sunlight it can be harsh for the baby’s skin. So, before taking newborn to the beach, let us consider a few things here to know.

What Age Can I Take My Baby to The Beach?

Your newborn baby must be of age above two months before you take them on the beach. However, newborn babies have extremely delicate skin, so it would be great to avoid them taking with you on the beach at least before the age of six months.

This will give enough time to build up the immune system so that they can tolerate the sunlight and extreme weather condition.

How Long Can a Baby Be at The Beach?

Since we already discussed that the skin of the babies is delicate. Therefore, they can not be exposed to the sun’s direct heat for a long time. Therefore, do not plan for long hours or 8 hours a day because it will damage their skin.

Also, avoid taking them during the afternoon on the beaches. The reason is sunlight is at extreme during the daytime. So, it may be harsh for the newborn baby’s skin and cause sunburn. Make sure to keep them covered when you take them out.

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How To Keep a Newborn Cool at The Beach? 

If you’re thinking of taking your newborn out on the beach, do ensure to take the necessary steps to keep them calm and cool at the beach. For example, in hot temperature regions, it is essential to follow a few tips such as:

  • Use sunscreen on their skin to protect them from the harmful effect of UV rays. You can also try to avoid taking them into the sun’s direct heat. This will help you to keep them calm.
  • Take a big beach umbrella to add some shades to the beach place. Creating shades will help protect your newborn from the direct heat of the sunlight.
  • A small battery-powered fan would be an excellent option to bring when you are going out with your newborn baby. Fan helps to avoid overheating and keep your babies cool
  • Use a wide brim hat to cover their head and cheeks.
  • This will also be helpful to keep them calm. It would be great to cover their eyes with sunglasses that help keep their eyes cool.
  • Avoid going with the newborn during direct sunlight.

What To Pack for The Beach with A Baby?

When you are going on the beach with your babies, pack some essential gear. This baby beach packing list will help you stay longer on the beach and protect your babies from the sun’s scorching heat. Let’s look at the key things before you move ahead at the beach with the babies.

Extra Diapers:

Babies have the habit of wetting all the time. So, it would be great to bring extra diapers with you. It helps to keep them clean and stay dry for a longer time. Moreover, you can stay longer on the beach with your newborn babies.

Sunglasses and Hats:

baby Sunglasses
baby sun hat

There will be direct heat from the sunlight on the beach, which may damage their skin. Therefore, you can keep the sunglasses and hats with you. Hats keep their head protected from the direct heat of the sun. Ensure extra-large hats that give complete protection to their face.

With hats, you can also keep sunglasses for the babies with you. This will help keep their eyes protected from the sunlight glares that can damage their eyes.

Baby Beach Tent:

Beach Tent, Sunba Youth Beach Shade

Baby beach tent is the perfect solution for the beach and for keeping your babies under the shades. The beach tent can provide you perfect shade area and keep your babies under the shades. It also helps to prevent them from direct reach of sunlight. You can also spend extra time on the beach like this.

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Baby Beach Shoes:

baby beach shoes

Babies aged six months and above start crawling on the beach. Beach places are full of sand, stones, and even small insects, harming the babies’ feet. Therefore, it would be great to keep a pair of shoes. This will help to prevent foot damage and crawl easily.

Baby Carrier for Beach:

baby carrier for beach

Many parents think they can carry their babies easily without any carrier while going on the beach. However, this can be troublesome when you want to play or pack things on the beach.

Therefore, it would be great to have a baby carrier. This will help carry your baby easily on the beach and keep them protected. In addition, having a baby carrier can make things manageable.

Baby Bag:

baby bag

In addition to the things, you need to have a baby bag. This will help keep all the things such as feed, babies’ essential gears, and other things easily. Also, having a big size bag can be pretty helpful to keep extra things such as towels, cloth, and other things in one place.

Baby Insulated Feed Bottle:

Baby Insulated Feed Bottle

You can’t breastfeed your babies on the beach. Therefore, carrying a baby-insulated feeding bottle with you would be great. This is helpful to feed them and keep the milk fresh for longer.

Tips For Taking Your Newborn to The Beach

In addition to above, you can also follow the essential tips to take your babies with you on the beach. These are as follows:

  • Keep your babies dry as much as possible
  • Avoid keeping them in direct sunlight
  • Do not plan for the beach trips for longer hours
  • Keep all the essentials with you, and it would be great to keep baby beach hoody with you
  • Have a baby float vest with you


In a nutshell, going out with the babies on the beach needs to have many things and extra care. So, now, you have the entire list of the essential things you need to pack with you before you go out with your newborn babies. So, follow all the practices and enjoy your first beach trip with the babies.