Beach Sand Color – How Does Sand Get Its Color

In areas where the ocean is shallow or calm, it creates an environment perfect for fine sands to gather. The water comes in the form of waves and runs backward. The result is a flat strip of wet sand behind the incoming waves and progressively moving up onto the land. Sand Color is a result of … Read more

Great Things Found on Beach with Metal Detector

Have you ever wondered why metal detectorists flock to the beach in the first place? It’s not just about grabbing a camera and snapping a few shots here and there; you never know what things you will found with a metal detector on the beach like jewelry or cash that can be used to make … Read more

Beach or Pool: Which is Safer and Excellent to Spend Memorable Time

Summer has begun, and it’s time to have fun in cool water activities with friends and family. It’s time to go to the pools and enjoy swimming. But wait, how about beaches with soft and cozy sand? Isn’t it great to enjoy with friends and spend some moments in oceanic ways? There is no exact … Read more

Beach or Mountains – Where to Go During Holidays In 2023

Beach or Mountains

What you choose the beach or mountains? A closure look at the higher altitude nature or the high sound of oceanic waves?There is always a long debate while choosing the ideal location for the holidays. This debate has raged so far. It becomes difficult to choose a holiday place between the mountains and beaches. But, … Read more